How do I apply for PayLater?

With the Paylater facility, we are offering you a safe and secure way to deal with your outstanding payments.

It’s time to bury your worries and take you through the steps of how to use PayLater? It’s as simple as opening an account!


Paylater on iMobile


Paylater on Pockets


Paylater on Internet Banking

Step 1: Click on ‘I’m interested’ on the pop-up invite to create your PayLater account


Step 2: Select the checkbox of terms and conditions and click on ‘Got it’


Step 3: Check your personal details, Aadhaar number, select the debit account, select the checkbox and Submit your details.


Step 4: Set your debit bank account for auto-payment


Step 5: Create your own Virtual Payment Address (VPA)

Step 6: Congratulations! Your PayLater account is created



Step 7: Click on PayLater in the Acounts and Deposits section to see your PayLater account details.



By the end of these simple steps, you will have the power to live more independently with the PayLater service. So what are you waiting for? Start using PayLater by ICICI Bank.


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