Step Up & Balloon

Custom Fit Car Loans

Tailored to your needs

ICICI Bank Car Loans now offer loan customisation options for you.

Step Up EMI:

Avail of our Step Up EMI option for your Car Loan and pay less at the outset. The Step Up EMI option allows for a lesser Equated Monthly Instalment (EMI) at the beginning of loan period with a gradual increase in the EMI that takes into account your career growth.

Instead of settling for a smaller car on a higher EMI, you can now buy your dream car with a comfortable Step Up EMI plan that links to your personal growth as well.

Balloon EMI:

Avail of our Balloon EMI option and have the flexibility of paying a lower EMI during your loan tenure with the balance amount included in the last EMI. This enables you to pay a lower amount during most of your loan tenure. Your eligibility is calculated basis your current income and your assessed income in future. This product is ideal for individuals who have variations in their income and want to ensure lower monthly expenses.

Product features:

  • Choose your EMI.
  • 100% of on road funding
  • Attractive rate of interest
  • Quick processing

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