Link accounts

Now no need to remember multiple User IDs and Passwords for your various ICICI Bank relationships. With this facility, you can now link and view all your accounts like Bank, Credit card, and Loan Account at one place. Additionally, you can also link your Demat account, ICICI Lombard policies and ICICI Prudential policies to a single Internet Banking User ID

3 step process to link all your accounts to your existing User ID

  • Step 1 - Login to with your existing Internet Banking User ID,
                  issued with your Bank Account or Credit Card.
  • Step 2 – Visit the Customer Service section under the Service Requests menu
  • Step 3 – Choose the Link Accounts/Policy option to link your Bank Account, Credit Card, Loan Account to the existing User ID with which you have logged in.


  • For linking accounts, it is important that your details across accounts that are presently linked and the one requested to be linked are the same. Please ensure that your Name, Address, Date of Birth and signature matches across accounts.
  • Internet Banking Facility is not provided to Power of Attorney Accounts (POA) and the same cannot be linked.
  • Loans that are closed, terminated or matured are automatically de-linked. If you want to de-link the loan account by choice, please call our 24-Hour Phone Banking numbers.

The following accounts can / cannot be linked

  • Credit Card cannot be linked to an NRI account
  • Add-on card cannot be linked to the primary account holder's User ID
  • Demat account can be linked to a savings account
  • Medical Equipment loans cannot be linked to a User ID
  • Click here to apply for credit cards
  • Young star can be linked to the guardian account