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Internet Banking Features

Internet Banking offers over 300+ services and facilities that give you real-time access to your account. You can make and receive payments to ICICI Bank accounts and Non-ICICI Bank accounts, open Fixed and Recurring Deposits, view account details, request a cheque book and a lot more, while you are online.


Presenting new features on your Dashboard making your experience more easy and convenient. View your profile, my shortcuts, assets, liabilities, loans, credit cards, calendar, relationship manager, investments etc. on the dashboard.

Explore dashboard of internet banking and different services offered through following demo videos


New Widgets on Dashboard

My Relationships


This widget gives a consolidated view of all your banking relationships, encompassing the summary of your Bank Accounts and Credit Cards relationship detail

  • Bank Account:
    • Account balance
    • Go to mini/ detailed statement and
    • Link your other bank Account.
  • Credit Card:
    • Credit Card Due Amount, Available Credit Limit and Due date of the respective credit card
    • Also Pay Bills (Credit Card Bill) and link your new other cards.

My Favourites


This widget will facilitate viewing your favourite accounts for Funds Transfer, Quick Pay and Recharge. You can initiate the transaction for these favourite accounts from this widget itself.

Dashboard features

Dashboard has My Profile, Shortcuts customisation, Card PIN generation and Personalise View and many other features.


The following features are available as per type of account and segment:


FeaturesValue BankingPrivilege BankingWealthNRI
View your assets - widget    
View your liabilities - widget    
My Alert and Messages
Payment summary calendar view  
Schedule transaction on auto pay calendar view  
Recent completed transactions calendar view  
Pre –qualified offers  
What’s New banner
Super search
My Shortcuts
My favourite widget    
May I help you widget  
Payment summary  
Social connect  
Account summary
Bill Pay
Branch wise summary
Consolidated summary
Credit Cards
Customer Relationship summary
Deposit accounts
ICICI Lombard General Insurance policies
ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Policies
Loan accounts
Mail alerts
My Accounts
My Calendar
My Demat account
My Relationships
Operative accounts
Password alerts      
Quick pay
Sent mails
My Accounts    
Privilege Links      
Relationship Manager      
Investment Insights      
Financial Overview    

Transfer funds

  1. Transfer funds to ICICI Bank accounts
  2. Transfer Funds between Linked accounts
  3. Transfer funds to other bank account through IMPS-IFSC code
  4. Transfer funds to other bank account through NEFT
  5. Transfer funds to other bank account through RTGS
  6. Transfer funds to any mobile number through IMPS using MMID
  7. Transfer funds to an overseas account through Money2World
  8. Cardless cash withdrawal
  9. Receive Funds
  10. Send smart Money Order
  11. Donate Online

Payee Management

  1. Add ICICI payees
  2. Add other bank payees
  3. Add cardless cash withdrawal payee
  4. Confirm Payee for Fund Transfer using URN
  5. View my Registered Payees using URN
  6. Confirm Cardless Cash Withdrawal Payee using URN

Bill Payments

  1. Bill Payment to registered Billers
  2. Pay Visa Credit Card Bill (any bank)
  3. Pay any other Bank credit card using NEFT
  4. Quick Pay
  5. Pending bill payments
  6. Scheduled / Bills on auto pay
  7. Add a new Biller
  8. View and Modify registered billers


  1. Recharge Prepaid Mobile
  2. Recharge DTH connection
  3. Data Card Recharge

My Profile

  1. Set Favourite Accounts
  2. Set Favourite Activities
  3. I-safe Mobile Registration
  4. Set Account nickname
  5. Password Change
  6. Set primary account
  7. Personalise my Transaction Limits


  1. Open iWish
  2. Open Standard Fixed Deposits
  3. Recurring Deposits
  4. Fixed Deposit of 390 Days
  5. Tax Saver Fixed Deposit
  6. Open a Value Added RD
  7. Open Standard Money Multiplier FD
  8. Open 390 Days Money Multiplier FD
  9. PPF account
  10. FD Advice


  1. Pockets account creation
  2. View Pockets Card Details
  3. Add funds to Pockets Wallet
  4. View Mini statement
  5. View detailed statement

View your Transaction status

  1. Scheduled Transactions
  2. Completed Transactions
  3. Payment Summary
  4. Cardless Cash Withdrawal Transactions

Apply for Government schemes

  1. Enroll for Atal Pension Yojana
  2. Enroll for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojan
  3. Enroll for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

View Statements

  1. Bank Account – Mini Statement
  2. Bank Account – Detailed Statement
  3. E-statements - Bank accounts, Credit Card, Demat

Demat Account

  1. View Holding Statement
  2. View Transaction Statement
  3. View Status of Transaction
  4. View Bill Details
  5. View Personal Details
  6. View Settlement Calendar E-Instruction
  7. Request TIFD Booklet
  8. View Customer Ledger Request
  9. ISIN Lookup View Demat Branches

Invest online

  1. 3-in1 Account
  2. View Demat Branches
  3. Buy Gold Online
  4. Invest@ease
  5. Online Tax Payment
  6. Buy Forex@Click
  7. Online Pension Calculator
  8. ISIN Lookup
  9. Online IPO
  10. Trade Shares Online

Insure online

  1. Life insurance
  2. Health Insurance
  3. Travel Insurance
  4. Car Insurance
  5. Two Wheeler Insurance
  6. Home Insurance
  7. Card Protection Plan

Link your accounts

  1. Saving account
  2. Credit Card
  3. Demat account
  4. Loan account: Home Loan, Personal Loan, Car Loan
  5. Link My ICICI Lombard Health Policy
  6. Link My ICICI Prudential Policy
  7. Link My ICICI Lombard Motor Policy

Tax Centre

  1. View Tax Credit Statement
  2. View TDS Certificate
  3. View E-Tax Challans
  4. View Form 15G/H
  5. Pay Direct Tax
  6. Pay Indirect Tax
  7. Income Tax e-filling

Manage credit cards

  1. ICICI Bank Credit Card payment
  2. Visa Credit Card payment
  3. Other Bank Credit Card payment through NEFT
  4. Credit Card – convert to EMI
  5. Credit Card – alert subscription
  6. Credit Card – current statement
  7. Credit Card – last statement
  8. Credit Card - Past statement
  9. Pay now
  10. Apply for Credit Card
  11. Apply for Gift Card
  12. View and manage Credit Card
  13. Request physical PIN
  14. Generate a 3D Secure PIN
  15. View last credit received
  16. Convert into EMI
  17. Auto debit set-up
  18. alerts subscription
  19. Hand-picked reward points

Manage loan accounts

  1. View Amortization schedule
  2. View Disbursement schedule
  3. View Repayment schedule
  4. Pay Due amount
  5. Pay for Loans
  6. Apply for Loans
  7. Loan accounts
  8. Profile information

Service requests

1. Bank Account

  1. Account not transferred to requested/ new branch
  2. Account conversion from Resident to NRI requested earlier not done
  3. View/ Update PAN Card
  4. Address change requested earlier not done
  5. Transfer Your Account to your nearest branch/ change home branch
  6. Request to update Company/ employer name in the account
  7. Request for change of Communication Address
  8. Upgrade to Privilege Banking
  9. Link my ATM/ Debit Card to Bank Account
  10. Unblock Debit/ ATM card
  11. Debit card requested earlier not received
  12. Generate Debit Card PIN online
  13. Block Debit/ ATM card
  14. Reissue of Lost ATM/ Debit Card
  15. Upgrade your Debit Card
  16. Request for Duplicate Statement (Physical Copy)
  17. Subscribe to Email Statements for Bank account
  18. Update your Aadhaar number with Bank account
  19. LPG ID updation for DBTL
  20. Query Regarding Cash Withdrawal from ICICI Bank ATM
  21. Query Regarding Cash Withdrawal from Non-ICICI Bank ATM
  22. Inquiry on Debit Card Transactions Done at Merchant Outlets
  23. Cheque book requested earlier not received
  24. Request a Demand Draft at Communication Address
  25. Cheque Book Request
  26. Online Funds Transfer to Non-ICICI Bank Account not credited
  27. Link my Savings Account/ Current Account to my User ID
  28. Local Cheque deposited in Bank Account but not credited
  29. Outstation cheque deposited in Bank Account but not credited
  30. Stop Payment of Cheque
  31. Cheque Status Inquiry
  32. Enrol for Atal Pension Yojana
  33. Enrol for Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana
  34. Enrol for Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana

2. Consumer Loan Related

  1. Request for Repayment Schedule
  2. Request for Foreclosure Statement
  3. CFOC Letter
  4. Request for Agreement Copy
  5. EMI Clearance Status
  6. Loan Accounts-Rectification in Address and Contact Details
  7. Request for Re-dispatch of Refund Cheque
  8. NOC/ NDC Normal Maturity CL

3. Credit Card

  1. Activation/ De-activation of Physical Statement
  2. Credit Card Statement Related Queries
  3. Credit Card Statement Request - E-mail
  4. Credit Card Statement Request - Physical
  5. Request for Cancellation of Credit Card
  6. Request for Address Change
  7. Generate Credit Card PIN online
  8. Reward Points Related Queries
  9. Link my Credit Card Account to my User ID
  10. Block Credit Card
  11. Replacement/ Renewal Card Not Received
  12. Re dispatch Request for Undelivered Card
  13. Incorrect Amount Billed
  14. Dispute Status
  15. Queries Related to EMI-on-Call Facility
  16. Merchant EMI Related
  17. Apply for a Credit Card against your Fixed Deposit

4. Demat

  1. Request for Status of TIFD/ IDT/ Pledge Instruction
  2. Demat Account Maintenance Related
  3. Link Demat User ID to Existing User ID
  4. E-Instructions Related Queries
  5. Registration for Mobile Alerts Facility
  6. Billing Related Queries
  7. Demat for E-Instructions
  8. TIFD/IDT Booklet Reissue Request

5. Deposits

  1. Open iWish-a Flexible Recurring Deposit
  2. Open a Recurring Deposit
  3. Generate FD Advice
  4. Standard Fixed Deposit
  5. Fixed Deposits of 390 days
  6. Tax Saver Fixed Deposit : Lock-in Period of 5 years
  7. Special Money Multiplier Deposit
  8. Closure/Renewal of Existing Fixed/Recurring Deposit
  9. Apply for a Credit Card against your Fixed Deposit

6. Home Loan Related

  1. Request for Repayment Schedule
  2. Request for Welcome Letter
  3. Request for Final IT Certificate (Physical)
  4. EMI Clearance Status
  5. EMI not Presented - Post Dated Cheques
  6. Loan Accounts-Rectification in Address and Contact Details
  7. E Mail and Contact Number Updation
  8. Request for Re-dispatch of Refund Cheque
  9. Request For Non PDC Banking Detail

7. Loan

  1. Request for Interest Certificate
  2. Request for Repayment Schedule
  3. Request for Welcome Letter
  4. CFOC Letter
  5. Request for Agreement Copy
  6. Request for Foreclosure Statement PL
  7. Request for Final IT Certificate (Physical)
  8. EMI Clearance Status
  9. EMI not Presented - Post Dated Cheques
  10. Loan Accounts-Rectification in Address and Contact Details
  11. E Mail and Contact Number Updation
  12. Link My Loan Accounts
  13. Request for Re-dispatch of Refund Cheque

8. Other Services

  1. Link My ICICI Prudential Policy
  2. Link My ICICI Lombard Health Policy
  3. Link My ICICI Lombard Home Policy
  4. Link My ICICI Lombard Motor Policy

9. Personal Loan Related

  1. Request for Interest Certificate
  2. Request for Foreclosure Statement PL

10. NRI Special Service Requests

  1. Demand Draft Request Form
  2. Re-dispatch of returned Demand Draft to the Beneficiary
  3. How is Nomination Done
  4. How to register for an e-Instruction facility
  5. Open a NRE/ NRO Recurring Deposit Account
  6. Request for DCA (Deposit Confirmation Advice)
  7. Renewal of Term Deposit
  8. Credit of Proceeds through Direct Credit to Bank Account
  9. Credit of Proceeds through INR DD
  10. Repatriation from FCNR/ NRE FD via Wire Transfer
  11. Repatriation from FCNR/ NRE FD via DD
  12. Status on Closure of Fixed Deposit
  13. Activation of Inactive/ Dormant Account
  14. Open additional SB NRE/ NRO Account
  15. Transfer Your Bank Account Online
  16. Request with Scan Documentary Proof
  17. Request for upgrade to NRI PRO or NRI PREMIA
  18. Status on Address Change
  19. ATM Card for Mandate
  20. Status of ATM/ Debit Card applied not received
  21. Request for Bank Statement (Duplicate Physical Copy)
  22. Status on Duplicate Statement applied not received
  23. Requested for Cheque book but not received
  24. Link Bank Account to my User ID
  25. Repatriation from NRE SB via DD
  26. Request for TDS Certificate
  27. Status of fund transfer through Internet Banking

Unique features

  1. e-locker
  3. Quick shopping
  4. eLocker
  5. Virtual Credit Card
  6. Register for Digital Signature Certificate
  7. Apply for Gift Card


  1. May I help you?
  2. Access your mailbox
  3. Create and manage goal
  4. Forex@click
  5. Receive Funds
  6. Reward Points