Insta Banking FAQs

What is Insta Banking?

Insta Banking allows you to initiate service requests anytime anywhere through your mobile phone or Internet Banking. After initiating the request you can visit the branch within 7 days to close or complete the service request /transaction.

What kind of requests can I ask for through Insta Banking?

Transactions like:

  1. Financial
    • Cash Deposit
    • Cash Withdrawal
    • Funds Transfer
    • DD/PO
  2. Non Financial
    • Update Communication Address
    • Update PAN details
    • Update Email ID
    • Email Statement Registration

What are the benefits of Insta Banking?

Insta Banking helps you to get priority servicing at branches. You can conduct transactions on any of your ICICI bank accounts with the help of your mobile phone or through internet banking.

How do I download this application on mobile phone?

Application can be downloaded from respective app store/ playstore with the key word as Insta Banking. This application is compatible for I-Phones, Windows Phones & Android Phones.

Do I need to be registered with any particular service provider?

Insta Banking app is not restricted to any service provider.

Do I need a special phone for Insta Banking?

Insta Banking can be downloaded on GSM or CDMA phones, provided the GPRS facility is activated on the mobile phone.

Do i need to visit only specialised ICICI Bank branches?

Customer can visit any ICICI Bank Branch in India and complete the transaction.

Is this application a part of I-mobile?

No, this is a separate application to be downloaded and is not a part of I-mobile.

Are there any charges for this facility?

ICICI Bank offers Insta Banking facility free to all its customers.

Where can I read the detailed terms and conditions related to Insta Banking services?

Detailed terms and conditions related to mobile banking services are available at click here

Do I have to fill in a separate Deposit slip/request letter for transactions conducted through Insta Banking?

No, you don't have to fill in any forms. We shall pre-print the form for you on your visit to the branch. All you need to do is initate the transaction and visit ICICI Bank branch within 7 days to complete the same.

What are the documents that i need to carry to complete the transactions?

Below are the list of documents:

  1. For Cash Deposit
    1. ID proof for deposit value of more than Rs. 50,000
  2. For Cash Withdrawal/Funds Transfer
    1. A cheque
  3. To place a request for a DD/PO
    1. A cheque if amount is greater than Rs. 50,000
  4. Address Updation
    1. If account is less than 6 months old, address proof in original.
  5. Pan Updation
    1. Original Pan Card