ICICI Bank Card difference

In today's complex business environment, most companies are looking at opportunities to optimize their operations, gain efficiencies and identify cost reduction possibilities. They are also looking at having better control over spends and adopting the best market practices.


At ICICI Bank, we understand your unique need and bring to you the entire range of offerings that partner with your existing system and deliver the desired goals of control, efficiency and savings.

How it works

  1. We assess you firm and arrive at a corporate credit limit that you can split among as many employees as you want.
  2. Your employees then use their corporate cards for all their travel, dining and other company expenses which get billed to each of them as well as to you centrally every month.
  3. All you need to then do is make one single consolidated payment to ICICI Bank instead of worrying about paying different merchants or issuing per diem advances.