How to make ATM Cash Withdrawal transactions

  • Use your ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Card at ATMs with Visa logo
  • Enter your 4-digit ATM PIN
  • Select – ‘Cash withdrawal’/ ‘Balance enquiry’ as per requirement
  • Select type of account as Checking/ Current/Credit
  • Collect your Card and cash (and/or receipt, if applicable)

Please Note

  • Some of the international banks owning the ATM may charge an additional surcharge for your ATM transactions
  • The cash withdrawal limit may vary across ATMs. These limits may be less than the limits set by ICICI Bank Multicurrency Forex Prepaid Card (refer schedule of charges)
  • In case of 3 incorrect PIN attempts, your Card will be disabled. You can re-activate your Card by calling Customer Care
  • If you enter the incorrect PIN thrice, some ATMs may retain your Card and you may need to contact the ATM operator to collect your Card. In such cases you can call Customer Care to activate your Replacement Card provided along with your Multicurrency Forex Prepaid Card.

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