Expressions Paywave NFC Card

ICICI Bank Expressions Paywave NFC Card is a revolutionary debit card which can enable you to make quick contactless payments. Expressions Paywave NFC Card entitles you to a world of Speed, Customization and Security.

Speed: Your Expressions Paywave NFC Card comes with a built-in payWave technology to make contactless payments at retail outlets. So just Tap and Pay.

Customization: Your ICICI Bank Expressions Paywave NFC Card is customized with a design that you select from a gallery of more than 160 images or you can upload your favourite picture online.

Security: Expressions Paywave NFC Card does not leave your hand. You can just wave the card at a distance of 4cms from the merchant terminal and make the payment securely.

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This unique Debit Card is brought to you for the first time in India by ICICI Bank in partnership with Visa.



Expressions Debit Card - Terms & Conditions:

  1. I agree to the deduction of one time joining fees of Rs. 499/- (Plus Service Tax) and an annual fee of Rs.499/- (Plus Service Tax) from second year onwards, from my account on successful submission and approval of this request.
  2. I confirm that I am a valid licensee of all the Intellectual Property contained in the image.
  3. I agree to ICICI Bank Terms & Conditions & Image Guidelines.
I agree to the ICICI Bank Expressions Debit Card Terms & Conditions

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