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Non-ICICI Bank Account holders can open an ICICIdirect 3-in-1 Account by clicking above.


Experience the ICICIdirect 3-in-1 Account with a range of features like viewing Live share prices, share trading on NSE and BSE, Futures and Options trading, Currency Trading, Mutual Fund investments, Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Life Insurance investments through our seamless and secure 3-in-1 Online Trading Account. Open your account online, now.

Why should you go for an ICICIdirect 3-in-1 Account?

0 brokerage*
*Trade in Futures for Rs 0, Rs 20 for Options, Intraday and Derivatives Trading



100% cashback as free brokerage*
Open your Online Trading and Demat Account for free^, within 10 minutes
Instant cash in 30 minutes
Get money in 30 minutes on selling stocks, as opposed to waiting for T+2 days, where T is the Transaction date
Research to aid your stock purchase
Make the right stock purchase decisions, with access to our award winning research

Brokerage Plans

Enjoy convenience, with One Click Equity

  • Enjoy investing, monitoring and exiting equity portfolios conveniently, in a single click
  • Compare your portfolios’ performance against benchmarks, on a real time basis
  • Diversify your investments in theme based baskets of stocks and ETFs, handpicked by our research
  • No lock in period. Invest further or exit portfolios, with ease
  • Enjoy the flexibility of lump sum or SIP investment mode, as per preference.

Access to the best-performing global markets

  • Invest in international stocks, to expand and diversify your portfolio with securities from emerging and well-established markets
  • Get comprehensive view of your global portfolio and access to various global research reports, to build investment ideas
  • Invest freely, without worrying about the minimum balance
  • Attractive plans on offer, for global investments
  • Seamless account opening process, entirely online.

Buy more with Margin Funding

  • Buy stocks today and get 365 days to hold positions before the stock purchase/sale
  • Get up to 2.5 times the exposure of your available money, with the Margin Trading Facility
  • Avail the facility at attractive nominal interest rates of 8.9%* with ICICIdirect Prime.
  • Buy stocks today and get days to hold positions before the stock purchase/sale

*interest rates are subject to change.

Advanced features/tools

  • ICICIdirect offers several advanced order placement tools to help you get the best possible price for your trades
  • Price Improvement, Multi Price and Valid Till Cancelled (VTC) orders, specifically focus on helping customers to arrive at a better price than what is available in the market
  • Cloud Order helps in saving time during order placements
  • With Cloud Order, we can always save our orders on the cloud and reuse the same.

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