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Facebook sharing is fun and secure. iWish helped me talk about my goal to my family and friends and thus work harder towards it.- Mr. Vishal, 29 years, Anjar



iWish made saving much enjoyable and different. My family contributed to my iWish goal and I am inching closer to it with each day.- Ms. Supriya Rathi 24 years, Hyderabad



I have already achieved my first goal with iWish. Create iWish deposit, if you have the dream and passion to achieve your goal. - Mr. Naresh Kumar , 30 years, Kurnool



I started saving for my goal with just Rs. 500 and added money whenever I had funds. The best feature of iWish is there are no penalties for missed payments.- Mr. Peruri Hemanth, 20 years, Nuzvid (Andhra Pradesh)



I have already achieved my first goal with iWish. It's so easy to create a goal with an amount as little as Rs. 500 and track the progress online. - Mr. Kulbir Singh Datta, 77 years, Mohali (Punjab)