ICICI Bank has designed a gamut of accounts and deposits to cater to your unique banking needs.

FD Xtra

Now presenting a range of fixed deposits that give extra choice and even extra benefits.

Fixed Deposit with Monthly Income option

A Term deposit with features of a Cumulative Fixed Deposit in Investment phase and Fixed Deposit with Monthly Income in Payout phase.

Recurring Deposit with Monthly Income Option

A Term deposit with features of a Recurring Deposit (RD) in Investment phase and Annuity Fixed Deposit in Payout phase.

Fixed Deposit

Put your idle money in a fixed deposit and earn attractive returns.

Fixed Deposit (without premature withdrawal facility)

Additional interest rates on select tenure and amount

Recurring Deposit

Save bit-by-bit and watch your money grow.


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iWish flexible RD

Your goals are waiting! Save when you feel like while earning good interest rates.

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Value Added Products

Save for your dream holiday with Holiday Savings Account. Get a top-up over and above your Recurring Deposit interest and enjoy the benefit of booking next year’s holiday at this year’s price.

Tax Saving FD (Fixed Deposit)

An ideal solution for your investment needs


Money Multiplier Fixed Deposit

Earn interest of Fixed Deposit and enjoy liquidity of Savings Account.

Security Deposits

A few Corporates stipulate to their new employees to provide Security Deposit to reduce attrition.

Form 15G/15H

Now submit Form 15G/15H using Internet Banking.

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