One of the shifts in ICICI Bank’s operating model in recent times has been the adoption of ‘One Bank, One Team' as a guiding factor. The strategic focus on risk-calibrated growth in core operating profit is based on comprehensive assessment of opportunities in the market, and strengthening the teams’ competencies for capturing market share, serving customers and growing profitably within the guardrails of risk and compliance.

The Bank’s human capital strategy is underpinned by key value propositions of learning and growth, empowerment, fair compensation policy, and care.


The Bank’s focus on ecosystem banking requires employees to have cross-functional skills and capabilities. The Bank has invested in training its employees and enhancing their ability to comprehensively serve customers. This has enabled teams to be agile in responding to requirements of customers, and work together to create innovative and experiential products for customers.

Job Rotation and Going Beyond Defined Roles

At ICICI Bank, every employee can contribute to creating a compelling customer experience. The Bank’s ‘customer-oriented’ approach provides an opportunity to every employee to adopt new roles and not restrict themselves to specific areas. The Bank is skilling its workforce by giving cross-functional opportunities so that employees are fully equipped to cater to the 360˚ banking requirements of the customers. Across levels, it is imperative for employees to have a wider perspective and knowledge of all banking products.


Retail Academy

Wholesale Banking Academy

Operations Academy

Risk Academy

Digital Academy

Transaction Banking Academy

Credit Academy

Audit Academy

Small & Medium Enterprises Group Academy

Behavioural Academy

Debt Service Management Group Academy

The Bank believes in building talent by identifying individuals with potential and attitude for growth, and providing them with opportunities to acquire necessary knowledge and skills. This focus is across levels, from those beginning their journey with ICICI Bank to various levels up to the senior management.

One of the ways to be future-ready is to invest in skills and capabilities, which are essential to be relevant in the market over the long term. The Bank has a defined architecture across functional, leadership development, digital and industry-academia programmes to equip employees with the required skill sets.

In order to periodically review and align the learning content and structures, ICICI Bank has structured academic councils, consisting of business leaders. This council meets on quarterly basis to review alignment of skilling content with evolving business needs. The inputs and feedback discussed in the session are implemented in the respective programmes as a part of the content update.

To meet the demands for a skilled workforce, the Bank has adopted a strategy to backward integrate at the ecosystem level to create a pool of industry-ready workforce. One of the key aspects of the industry academia programmes is the expertise it builds in the banking, financial and digital services sector, and in ICICI Bank. The objective is to orient future employees to the culture of ICICI Bank and to impart functional knowledge in banking and related subjects.


Building a Digitally Capable Workforce



Cloud Computing

Project Management

API and Micro Services


Data Engineering

Information and Cybersecurity

PRISM for Technology and Information Security


Data Sciences For Practitioners

Functional Data Sciences Programme

Advance Data Sciences Programme

Data Story-Telling

PRISM for Data


UI/UX Training

Design Thinking

In line with the vision of moving towards a scalable, future-ready and data-driven organisation, the Bank has geared up for transformational change with the implementation of advanced technologies in streamlining its systems and processes. To meet this objective, ICICI Bank has curated a learning plan to cover technology, data, information security and design skills ensuring right combination of functional, technical, process-based, professional and cultural anchors.

During fiscal 2022, the Bank started the PRISM programme that aims to train and develop young talented engineers who wish to pursue careers in the technology and data sciences function of the Bank. PRISM has been designed to develop a pool of managers with the required skills to be a part of the transformation from Bank to Bank Tech. The programme has an extensive focus on hands-on exercises through virtual labs, projects and assessments.


The current business environment demands speed, agility and adaptability by an organisation. The Bank’s focus is to create a responsive workforce, encouraged by empowering the teams to take cues from the local environment and identify local opportunities for risk-calibrated growth. The Bank encourages its employees to experiment and innovate to create service and solutions for customers within the guardrails of risk and compliance. The Bank has created a role-based leadership structure to encourage micro-experiments with the objective of taking successful models to the larger markets. The corporate office functions as service centre and the job of the central team is to serve the employees. The Bank believes in investing in its employees to take up challenging assignments and responsibilities early in the career.

Diversity and Inclusion

ICICI Bank has always encouraged diversity in its workforce and gender sensitivity is inherent to its human capital strategy. The Bank's philosophy of meritocracy and equal opportunity in its people decisions led to a large number of leadership positions being held by women over the last two decades. Conscious of the life stage needs and safety of women employees, a range of benefits and policies have been curated. The Bank has a liberal leave policy for women employees, which was established much ahead of its time.



Response to Covid

Banking being an essential service during the Covid–19 pandemic, the Bank had to ensure continuity in its services to customers while ensuring the safety and well-being of all employees. Covid-19 related protocols of social distancing and sanitisation were followed across every location. The Bank put mechanisms in place to ensure that emotional, medical and physical support were provided to the employees on a real-time basis.

During the pandemic, ensuring safety and employee protection from the Covid-19 virus was a prime focus. The Bank undertook efforts for immunising its employees, their family members and other staff in its vendor ecosystem. The Bank launched a focussed programme to vaccinate its employees and their dependent family members. Planned vaccination drives were conducted in workplace and vaccination centres in association with hospital partners. Additionally, in hub locations, local tie-ups for in-hospital vaccination drive were also established. Employees availed vaccination at their own expense, reimbursement was provided for employees and their dependents. The planned drives included not just ICICI Bank employees and dependents, but also all other service partners.

Vaccination drive conducted by ICICI Bank for its employees.

Quick Response Team

ICICI Bank has a Quick Response Team (QRT) to assist employees if they are in any distress. Each QRT is a GPS-enabled vehicle, equipped with a stretcher and other equipment, and a team trained to deal with medical and personal safety related emergencies.

Employee Connect and Engagement

Employee self-services, managing leaves, managing financials, taxes, transfers and reimbursements and other benefits are addressed through the usage of technology. Areas that require high human touch including employee engagement and counselling and discussion around career development, are addressed through personal discussion.

The Bank is an equal opportunity employer and seeks to ensure that the workplace is free of any kind of harassment or inappropriate behaviour. Comprehensive policies and procedures have been laid down to create an environment where there is respect and dignity in every engagement. Sexual harassment cases are handled as per the guidelines set under the Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal) Act, 2013. The Bank has created awareness about the Act through mandatory e-learnings at the time of induction. The Bank also regularly communicates with employees regarding the mechanism for raising complaints and the need for right conduct by all employees. The Bank has a mechanism for dealing with complaints of harassment. The policy ensures that all such complaints are handled promptly and effectively with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality, and are resolved within defined timelines. For other workplace issues, the Bank has a robust mechanism to resolve them and the Call@I-Care provides employees with a platform to raise such concerns.



The Universe on the Move (UOTM) platform has evolved into a comprehensive business tool that is a companion across the entire employee life cycle. Through API-based integration, UOTM offers a host of services to employees and at the same time ensures security and accessibility. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology is used to provide customised user experience. The services are deeply integrated with core platforms such as Human Resource Management System and Sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management). UOTM allows tracking and reporting of specific tabs/icons/videos for analytics and product enhancements.