How does one create a UPI ID on iMobile Pay?

ICICI Bank, like other major banks in India, provides UPI-based fund transfer option to its customers. For using UPI, users need to create a UPI ID of their choice and link it to any bank account. The UPI ID acts as your financial address and you need not remember the Beneficiary Account Number, IFSC Code or Internet Banking User ID/Password for sending or receiving money.

Steps for UPI registration

  • Step 1 : Open iMobile Pay app on your phone
  • Step 2 : Log in to the app and click on BHIM UPI
  • Step 3 : Go to the ‘My Profile’ section available under ‘My Profile’
  • Step 4 : Click on ‘Create New VPA’
  • Step 5 : Enter the VPA ID you wish to create and check its availability
  • Step 6 : Link the VPA to any Bank Account - ICICI Bank Account or any other Bank Account
  • Step 6 : Submit the request and your UPI/VPA id is created

You can share the VPA created with any friend or merchant to make a transaction.

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Watch a demo video on creating a UPI Id using iMobile Pay

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