Inward Remittance - Wire Transfer Instructions

ICICI Bank's Wire Transfer Instructions is one of the easiest methods of receiving money to your business account in India. All you need to do is, select the currency in which the remittance is intended to be received, fill in your 12 digit current account number and brief details of remittance and forward the wire transfer instructions to your overseas business partner in getting the remittance. Please remember to advice your overseas partner to send instructions to their Bank with "OUR" in their charges column when they send the wire transfer.


From the time you place the funds transfer request with your local bank, it takes 24-48 banking hours for the funds to reach our account held with our correspondent bank. The Wire transfer will be processed and the money will be transferred to your beneficiary account in 2 hours time, provided you furnish the required documents to your Branch.

For a sample wire transfer form please select currency below:


Outward Remittance

Whether remittance is towards royalty payment or dividend payouts, agency commission, ECB repayments, etc. you can rely on ICICI Bank for accurate and timely payment to the beneficiary. Subject to prevailing regulations, with ICICI Bank's state-of-the-art technology and SWIFT tie-ups outward remittance is only a click away.