Inland Trade

ICICI Bank offers comprehensive range of inland trade services. From financing your suppliers/vendors to the financing of your dealers, we structure and customise solutions suited to your specific business requirements.

Inland Letter of Credit Issuance

We issue Inland Letter of Credit on your behalf that gives you the advantage with your suppliers. Our experts advise you in drafting the Letter of Credit terms and conditions so as to protect your interests.

Inland Bill Discounting (Under Letter of Credit)

We provide finance by discounting your inland bills drawn under letters of credit, if the documents are found to be strictly in terms with Letter of Credit conditions and on receipt of acceptance from the Letter of Credit issuing bank. Of course, we do so at competitive rates and maintain the best service standards at all times.

Inland Bill Discounting (Not under Letter of Credit)

We provide financing for your bills drawn on documents against acceptance terms, to the extent of your sanctioned credit limits to help improve your cash flows.

Bills for Collection

By routing your inland bills through ICICI Bank, you experience fewer delays in receiving payments, receive customised MIS that is integrated to your ERP systems, gain increased control over your trade receivables and efficient cash flow management.