Export Finance

Avail ICICI Bank's export finance services to facilitate cash flow in your business. Our export finance is available both in Indian rupees and foreign currency duly tailor-made to support your business requirements. ICICI Bank's export finance services include both pre-shipment and post-shipment credit. Obtain pre-shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit to finance purchase or import of raw materials and processing and packing of goods for export. Post-shipment credit finances export sales receivables after you have shipped the goods until the export proceeds are realised.

The ICICI Bank Edge

  1. Competitively priced
  2. Quick turnaround time

Export Pre-shipment Finance

We provide pre-shipment finance in the form of Export Packing Credit (EPC) to help you to meet your working capital needs while manufacturing your goods for export. We provide Export Packing Credit both in rupee as well as foreign currency at competitive rates.

Export LC Advising

Benefit from timely receipt, expert advice and a wide international network when your Export Letter of Credits are advised through ICICI Bank.

Export Letter Of Credit Confirmation

Benefit from the credit strength of ICICI Bank for confirmation of your export Letters of Credit received from foreign banks. With ICICI Bank's confirmation services, you can eliminate the foreign bank risk and country risks from your export transaction. Once we add our confirmation to the Letter of Credit, you are assured of payment, subject to non-discrepant documents, irrespective of non-payment by LC opening bank.

Export Bill Negotiation

We negotiate your export bills drawn under Letter of Credit, if the documents are found to be strictly in terms with the Letter of Credit conditions. We offer this at competitive rates both in rupee as well as foreign currency with world-class service standards. Negotiation under LC is much simpler than availing regular working capital limits from a bank.

Purchase/Discounting of Export Bills

Do not worry when your exports are not covered under Letter of credit. Against sanctioned credit limits, we can pay you the discounted value of your invoice, immediately on shipment. We offer this at competitive rates both in rupee as well as foreign currency and with world-class service standards.

Export Bill Collection

Concentrating your Documentary Collection activities with ICICI Bank, you can eliminate many of your exporting hassles. Not only will your international banking become much more uniform, you can experience fewer delays in receiving payment, effortlessly access collection information details, gain increased control over export receivables and have an efficient cash flow management.