Financial Institutions

ICICI Bank services the financial sector for the entire set of banking requirements and provides a complete range of solutions. The Financial Institutions and Syndication Group (FISG) is responsible for ICICI Bank's relationship with the financial sector.
Under this umbrella, the Bank caters exclusively to the needs of

  • Domestic Financial Institutions
  • Banks
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance Companies
  • Fund Accounting

The FISG has built strong relationships through various interactive measures, like seminars, training programs, sharing of market information and views with clients, organising the Bank CEOs' Forum, etc.
We provide the following services to our clients:

Transaction Banking

The Bank delivers world class banking services to financial sector clients. Our current roaming accounts empower you with 'Anytime, Anywhere Banking'. They are designed for your convenience. Our comprehensive collection and payment services span India's largest CMS network of over 4,500 branches. We provide correspondent banking tie-ups with foreign banks to assist them in their India-related businesses.

Loan Syndication

The FISG is responsible for syndication of loans to corporate clients. We ensure the participation of bank and financial institution for the syndication of loans. Some of the products syndicated are

  • Project Finance
  • Corporate Term Loans
  • Working Capital Loans
  • Acquisition Finance, etc

Sell Down

ICICI Bank is a leader in the securitisation and asset sell-down market. From its portfolio, the FISG offers different products to its clients in this segment. The products are:

  • Asset-Backed Securities (ABS)
  • Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS)
  • Corporate Loan Sell-down
  • Direct Loan Assignment


As part of a risk-diversification and portfolio-churning strategy, ICICI Bank offers buyouts of the assets of its financial sector clients.


The Bank also raises resources, from clients, for internal use by issuing a gamut of products, which run from Certificates of Deposit (CDs) to Term deposits to Term Loans.