Cash Management Services (CMS)

ICICI Bank's Cash Management Services offers a full range of products and services to efficiently process your receivables and payables. We cater to all your cash management requirements to optimise your cash flow position and to facilitate effective management of your business operation.


Benefits of Cash Management Services

  • Leverage of vast network of locations within India
  • Wide range of CMS products
  • Efficient logistics support and advanced technology support
  • Ensuring timely deposit of collections and timely execution of disbursement requests


Solutions for Receivables

Solution for Receivables

ICICI Bank renders quick and effective management of receivables with ease in reconciliation, a vast network and customised Management Information System (MIS).



Solutions for Payables

Solution for Payables

Bulk disbursement solutions for making payments to channel partners through multiple modes like paper based and electronic modes of payment.






Advance Solutions:


Advance Solution

Integrated solutions with real time response and high customisation capabilities to meet your complex cash management needs.