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Your Business Growth depends on your Circle!


BizCircle GlobalLinker is an online business networking platform for small and medium scale enterprises. BizCircle aims to connect entrepreneurs with relevant business opportunities as well as encourages networking.

Register today and avail the following benefits:

  • Connect with other SMEs and businesses

  • Enjoy business relevant offers and deals

  • Create an electronic business card

  • Create virtual office with features like intranet, e-mail, eBriefcase and website builder solution

  • Write blogs, post articles and start forums for online discussions.

Some of the amazing features of BizCircle GlobalLinker are as follows:

Business Network

Grow your business network by making new connections. View eBiz cards and profiles of members in your network.

eBiz Card

Create your interactive business card that is displayed and may be viewed by other members. The eBiz card can be exchanged with other members for networking purposes.

As you sign up, your eBiz cards will be created automatically.


Get updates on discussions, articles and links posted by the SME community. Post your own opinions, seed discussions or share interesting links for benefit of the community.

Company Buzz

Provides an internal communication channel for colleagues within the Company. Make announcements and post updates relevant for the internal circulation.

Business Forum

Read articles and news. Create or join a discussion forum.

E - Briefcase

Allows electronic storage and retrieval of files/folders.

E - mail

Allows members to access, view and manage designated e-mail account of select e-mail providers. Users can synchronise e-mails from Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook or Yahoo.

Website Builder

Develop a customised website for your business.

Biz Offers

Select and purchase from various special pre-negotiated offers from Alliance Partners/Service Partners as suitable for your business.


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