June 06, 2022


Personal Loans are unsecured loans to meet urgent financial needs. It is easily available from banks with interest rates starting from 10.25%* p.a. In this article, we will explore five easy ways to avail Personal Loan offers.

When you are caught in a financial emergency, the best thing to do is to apply for a Personal Loan. Nowadays, any individual with a good credit history can get an instant approval and access to credit without much hassle. One can easily find and avail a Personal Loan from reputed lenders like ICICI Bank, right from the comfort of home. If you are planning to take a Personal Loan, here’s how you can identify the best offers:

Look for loans that offer maximum sanction

Calculating how much you need to borrow should be the first step before applying for a Personal Loan. The maximum loan sanctioned for Personal Loans is the same as the amount issued to a borrower and is typically up to Rs 25 lakh. However, the amount would differ considering various factors. But, it’s an adequate amount to accommodate your big-ticket expenses such as medical emergencies, home renovation, family vacation and others.

If you are applying for a Personal Loan from ICICI Bank, you can avail up to Rs lakh at interest rates starting from 10.25%* per annum.

Check for Pre-approved Loan offers

Look for pre-approved offers from your existing lenders to help you gain access to better personalised interest rate. For instance, ICICI Bank offers a pre-approved Instant Personal Loan to select customers associated with the Bank. Existing customers can check for pre-approved offers through Internet Banking or the iMobile Pay app. The process is paperless and one can instantly get funds in 3* seconds.

Look for lenders with easy eligibility criteria

In order to be eligible for a Personal Loan you are required to meet certain criteria. For instance, ICICI Bank has an easy Personal Loan eligibility criteria that you can easily access and qualify. To apply for a Personal Loan from ICICI Bank you must meet the following criteria:

    • A resident of India
    • Salaried individual earning a regular monthly income of over Rs 30,000
    • Possess a good Bureau Score
    • Hold a Savings Account with any bank in India.

Decide a suitable loan term:

Personal Loans usually have a flexible tenure. Choose a lender that gives you the freedom to select the repayment term and EMIs based on your financial capabilities. Look for Personal Loan offers with a longer tenure so you are able to repay the loan without any pressure.

Avoid applying for loans from multiple lenders:

Multiple loan applications to different lenders can impact your Credit Score. Banks usually check the credit history of the borrower. Multiple loan applications will reduce your chances of securing a Personal Loan. Make sure you maintain a window of at least 30 days before starting a new application.


Keep these points in mind when evaluating loan offers. A Personal Loan is the best option to put your financial ordeals to rest. Moreover, you do not have to declare a collateral against the loan. If you are going through a cash crunch, you can instantly apply for an ICICI Bank Personal Loan of up to Rs 25 lakh at an interest rate starting from 10.25%* p.a.