5 ways to enhance your shopping experience with credit cards

January 10, 2019


Credit Cards come with a lot of benefits other than the redeemable ICICI Bank Reward Points points – like enabling contactless technology for secure and quick payments, waiver on fuel recharge, etc. You can also track your shopping expenses in the monthly statement thereby fitting every purchase into the budget category. The tracking helps to avoid overspending and at times splurge a little. So, in order to increase your shopping experience and get the best rewards that Credit Cards offer, you need to follow a few basic tips.

Enhance your experience with these tips:

Shop online and earn rewards - Few Credit Cards have their own shopping portals and offers from various brands. Consider shopping from these shopping portals and earn extra reward points.

Follow these steps and earn reward points-

Log on to your issuer’s site

Choose the shopping portal of your choice

(This will automatically redirect you to your preferred portal)

Use your card to manage your daily expenses – Swipe your credit card for daily expenses such as grocery or for purchasing household chores. Daily purchases with credit cards help to avoid excess expenditure and maximise the rewards credit cards offer. These reward points can further be redeemed during future purchases.

Spend considering the category: Credit Cards also come with numerous benefits on different categories during different times of the year. They might have a cashback for a month on shopping or offers on couple movie tickets. Spending on specific categories can help you fetch Credit Card offers and also add extra reward points to your card.

Building credit score- Shopping with Credit Cards helps build a good credit score and is helpful while getting loans. Making frequent purchases with the card and paying on-time helps in increasing the credit score.

Get sign up benefits: Few Credit Cards come with different joining bonuses which can help you add maximum rewards to your card. Applying for your Credit Cards during this time will help you get added benefits on your Credit Card. You can also apply for the best Credit Card rewards programme where you can enjoy extra ICICI Bank Reward points which can be redeemed for exciting deals.

To conclude

Shopping with Credit Cards brings in a lot of benefits along with a few concerns. Failing to make payments on the due date can lead to a fall in the Credit Card scores. Moreover, a late fine will be charged, thus making your purchases even more expensive. In order to make your shopping experience with Credit Cards better, it is advised to make timely payments.

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