Investor Relations

Annual Report


For Annual Report of erstwhile ICICI Limited click here  

Investor Presentations


  1. Presentation on ICICI Limited and ICICI Bank Limited merger (111 KB ppt) 
  2. ICICI Limited: Apr-Dec FY2002 Results (196 KB ppt)  
  3. Apr-Sept FY2002 Results (186 KB ppt) 
  4. Apr-Jun FY2002 Results (176 KB ppt)
  5. FY 2000-01 Results (646 KB ppt)   

Quarterly Financial Results


Merger Filings


  1. Notice to shareholders
  2. Explanatory Statement
  3. Notice of the petition


Amalgamation of Bank of Rajasthan


  1. Transcript of conference call on amalgamation of Bank of Rajasthan with ICICI Bank
  2. Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on June 21, 2010
  3. Result of the poll conducted at the Extraordinary General Meeting of ICICI Bank Limited held on June 21, 2010


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