Quick Pay FAQs

1. What is Quick Pay?

Quick Pay is a bill payment service available in iMobile Application where the customer need not register the biller. The customer can pay his bill in simple steps, by selecting the biller from the list, providing bill details and amount, selecting the bank account from which the funds need to be debited and performing grid card authentication.

2. What are the advantages of Quick Pay?

You can quickly pay bills through iMobile in simple steps without registering the biller, thus eliminating dependency on Internet Banking for registering biller. Also, you can pay the amount at your convenience.

3. How does one use the Quick Pay service?

You can use the Quick Pay service by performing following steps:


  1. Log in to the iMobile Application 
  2.  Select 'Bill Pay' 
  3.  Select 'Quick Pay'
  4.  Confirm Disclaimer 
  5.  Select the biller from the 'List of Billers' 
  6. Enter Biller details and the amount for Bill Payment
  7.  Select the Bank Account for Debit
  8.  Confirm the Quick Pay transaction 
  9.  Perform Grid Card Authentication 
  10.  Get a Transaction Receipt with your Payment ID


4. Are there any charges for the Quick Pay service?

ICICI Bank does not charge for this service. Operator charges for the GPRS service will be applicable.

5. If my phone gets switched off during a transaction, how will I know if my Quick Pay bill transaction has been processed or not?

You can see your Quick Pay bill transaction in the last 5 transactions of your Bank Account.

6. Can I pay bills for my friends or relatives?

Yes, you can pay any bill by entering bill details and amount. The amount will be debited from your Bank Account.

7. Is there any limit to the number of bill payments you can make through the Quick Pay service?

No. You can pay unlimited number of bills through the Quick Pay service.

8. What if I have provided wrong bill details (bill number) and the transaction gets completed?

If the biller details provided by you do not match with the database of the selected biller, funds will be credited back to your account.

9. How can I register my complaint for Quick Pay service?

You can register your complaint for Quick Pay service by calling our 24 hour Customer Care centre.

10. What is the maximum amount for Quick Pay service?

You can pay your bill using Quick Pay, for amounts within the iMobile transaction limit of INR 50,000 per day.

11. What is the difference between Bill Presentment, Bill Payment and Quick Pay?

Using Bill Presentment, you can view bills presented by billers, and pay the amount mentioned in presented bill. Through Bill Payment, bills are not presented. You can pay anytime by providing amount you wish to pay.

For Bill Presentment or Payment, you must register the biller through Internet Banking and the registered biller list will appear in your iMobile for bill payment. In Quick Pay however, you can pay your bills without registering billers, in a few steps, simply by entering the biller details and amount.

12. Is Quick Pay secure?

Yes, Quick pay is completely secure. The security feature of the iMobile Application will be applicable here as well. For every Quick Pay transaction, you will need to perform Grid Card Authentication, by providing the grid values present at on the back of your Debit Card.

13. Can I pay my bills using Quick Pay for any biller?

No. Quick Pay service has a set of a total of 20 billers across various categories. You can pay your bills only for those billers who are listed in the 'Biller List'. We will be updating and adding more billers to the list in time.