Travel Insurance FAQs

Does this policy cover pre-existing diseases?

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

Is there cover for pre-medical conditions like Diabetes?

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Unfortunate events such as baggage loss, passport loss, a medical emergency or an accident can affect your travels, whether for business or leisure. International Travel Insurance protects you from such perils by ensuring that you are not left stranded in any kind of emergency.

What sum insured should I opt for while traveling to Schengen countries?

No, there are no sub-limits applicable for Schengen countries.

What is an ASP?

ASP stands for Assistance Service Provider. The most essential service they provide is cashless medical services. They also provide the necessary information to deal with any problem regarding claims.

In case medical treatment is required, is there any need for pre-approval before hospitalisation?

You will need to contact our ASP and they will arrange for cashless claims for the medical treatment.

What are the procedures if pre-approval is required?

For hospitalisation, we have a toll-free number, which you have to call for the cashless claim and for a physician visit, you will be reimbursed on the bills. Please call our toll-free numbers to register your claim.
In USA and Canada: + 1 844 871 1200(Toll-free)
From the rest of the world: +91 124 4498778 (Call back facility)
In India: 1800 102 5721 (Toll-free and accessible in India only)
Fax: +91 124 4006674
E-mail :

I am travelling with my parents. Before joining us in France (Schengen country), they shall stay with my cousins in the UK (Non Schengen country). I have purchased a Gold X 50 plan for them. Will this same plan be valid for our holiday in France?

No, you shall need to buy 2 separate policies- one for the Schengen countries (S Plan) and another for the Non-Schengen countries (Excluding US and Canada plan) since the product requirements are different for Schengen countries e.g. no sub-limits are applicable for schengen countries. 
The schengen visa requires a no sub-limit plan so a Non-Schengen plan (with sub-limits) shall not be valid in Schengen countries. Hence it is highly advisable that you check the geographical scope of the policies that you buy to avoid last minute hassles.

What is the maximum trip length?

International travel cover can be purchased for 180 days at a time and can be extended for another 180 days. This is subject to underwriting guidelines.

Where can I find out more about the policy coverage?

Please refer to the policy wordings for complete coverage details.

Can more than ONE policy be issued for the same trip?

Each individual is to be insured by not more than one policy during their journey.

Are business travellers eligible to purchase a Travel Insurance policy?

Yes. Our travel insurance is designed for both leisure and business travellers. Business travellers who go abroad frequently can avail of multi-trip plans.

When does the cover begin and end?

The policy cover begins from the date on which the Insured first boards the mode of transportation by which he finally leave the Country of Residence and the policy cover ends on the actual date when Insured returns to the Country of Residence.

Is there any exclusion to the policy?

Yes. Some exclusions and conditions are specific to individual sections, while general exclusions and conditions apply to the policy overall. Please read the policy wordings carefully to ensure you have the cover you need.

Where can customers access the list of hospitals?

The customers need to be directed to our ASP – Falck India Pvt Ltd for the details regarding network hospitals. +1 844 871 1200 (Toll-free in USA and Canada), + 91 124 4498778 (Call back facility from the rest of the world)

What is the duration of the policy that can be issued on an immigrant Visa?

The maximum duration is 90 days and this cannot be extended.

Is it mandatory for the customer to be in India for international travel policy issuance?


What is bounced booking- Hotel/Airline?

The company shall reimburse the actual additional expenses/cost incurred by you up to the sum insured specified in the policy schedule for alternative flight arrangements or for alternative accommodation in the event of the confirmed flight reservation for any part of the trip within the period of insurance. Bouncing at the sole instance of the common carrier or bouncing of the confirmed accommodation booking at place of stay being part of the trip solely at the instance of the accommodation provider. (This coverage is only applicable for a Platinum plan)

What is Personal Effects & Baggage Loss?

The company shall compensate you for the loss of checked-in baggage occurring any time after the delivery of the baggage is taken from the common carrier against surrender of the receipt of the common carrier, or any time after you leave the exit gate of the airport (including while you are traveling in the rented vehicle) and any time before the checked in baggage is once again checked-in in connection with furtherance of the scheduled journey being part of the trip within the period of insurance, on actuals on declaration of such loss by you, provided that, the overall liability under this Benefit shall be limited to the sum specified in the Policy Schedule. (The coverage is only applicable for a Platinum plan)

What is Hand Baggage Cover?

The cover in relation to hand baggage begins from the time you pass through the security at the airport at the port of origin and continues until you complete the trip covered. The compensation shall be relating to the loss of baggage as a whole, and shall be on actuals on declaration of such loss by you, provided that the overall liability under this benefit shall be limited to the sum specified in the Policy Schedule. (This coverage is only applicable for a Platinum plan)

What is Return of Minor Child Cover?

With International travel insurance you are eligible for reimbursement up to $7500. This involves reimbursement in terms of transportation of the unattended child in case of your hospitalisation for more than 5 days.

Explain Value Added Services. Is it applicable for all Plans?

With International Travel Insurance policy you can enjoy a bundle of concierge services for your dependants in India while you are traveling. It is only applicable for a Platinum Plan under Single round trip & Gold Multi Trip Plan.

What is Political risk and Catastrophe Evacuation cover?

The Company shall pay the nominee or legal heir of the Insured a lump sum equal to the Sum Insured against this benefit as specified in the Policy Schedule in case the Insured meets with death arising out of and consequent upon an injury encountered whilst mounting into, dismounting from or traveling in any Common Carrier as a passenger (fare paying or otherwise) during the period of insurance.

What is covered under Compassionate visit?

If you are hospitalised beyond a period of 5 days following an injury and/or illness at any place during the trip, the plan covers, on a per-day basis, or in part, special assistance by any person of the family or near relatives.

The company will also reimburse the cost of the economy class air ticket incurred by the person rendering such special assistance from and to the place of origin of such person or the place of residence of the person. (The coverage is only applicable for a Platinum plan)

What is covered under Emergency Hotel Extension?

The company shall pay the actual additional expenses for lodging and boarding incurred by you subject to the maximum Sum Insured if your departure is delayed either at the port at the place of origin or at any intermediate ports forming part of the trip within the period of insurance solely arising out of and consequent upon contingencies like earthquake, flood, terrorism, cancellation or rescheduling of flights, lost or stolen passport or travel documents & hospitalisation. (The coverage is only applicable for a Platinum plan)

How do I know which clinics/hospitals are covered by ICICI and which are not?

In case of hospitalisation or any treatment availed, you need to call up our ASP - Falck India Pvt Ltd who will in turn activate their local networks in the country of claim. +1 844 871 1200 (Toll Free in USA and Canada), + 91 124 4498778 (Call back facility from the Rest of the World). They will assist you with the list of hospitals.

How many times can we extend the policy in a one-year duration?

You can extend the policy any number of times provided the total duration of the policy is less than or equal to 360 days.

What is 'pre-existing illness'? Does this policy cover pre-existing diseases?

Pre-existing Condition shall mean and include any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which you had signs or symptoms, and/ or were diagnosed, and/ or received medical advice/ treatment within 48 months to prior to the first policy issued by the Insurer.

Any claim due to or arising out of pre-existing medical condition/ailment whether declared or undeclared is not covered under the policy.

What is the coverage for Home Contents?

We cover damage to your home or its contents from fire and allied perils or any loss of home contents on account of burglary (including attempted burglary), whilst on your trip abroad.

What happens if my baggage is delayed for more than one day but not lost?

ICICI Lombard International Travel Insurance policy covers checked-in baggage loss and delay. If your baggage is delayed for more than 6 hours, the compensation for emergency items purchased, like medicines, clothing and toiletries would be given. If your baggage is lost, then compensation for the market value of the items lost is given.

What do I do if I fall sick when I am overseas?

Registration of claim is required to avail benefits under the policy. Please call the given numbers to register your claim and confirm your coverage under the policy. Call on + 1 844 871 1200 (Toll-free US and Canada), +91 124 4498778 (call back facility from the rest of the world) and they will assist you in providing for cashless services.

If I take a 2 month Travel Insurance Policy, would I be able to extend it later, as per my requirement?

Yes, you can extend your International Travel Insurance Policy very easily online. We would however, recommend you to buy the policy for the full duration, as the extension depends on the terms and conditions of the company. Please refer to the policy wordings for details.

Senior Citizens policy (for ages between 71 years to 85 years) can be issued for a maximum of 360 days including extensions, i.e., if a customer has taken a policy for 180 days, he can further extend the same to another 180 days subject to underwriting guidelines.

In case you decide to shorten your stay before the policy expires, you can reimburse the premium for the unused policy duration (minimum unused period must be 30 days). For instance, if you take a policy with an initial duration of six months but later decide to come back earlier, you can reimburse the premium for the unused policy duration provided you are in India by the end of fifth month.

How do I know limit of each type of expenses? What expenses are covered or not?

Kindly go through the Policy Wordings for details.

What do you mean by a daily allowance of $50?

If the insured Person is hospitalised for more than 2 days, we provide a daily allowance of $50 as compensation. This benefit can be claimed only once during the policy period and for a maximum of 5 days. This money can help you ensure quality hospital treatment or help your family with their travel expenses for hospital visits.

I will be travelling for 4 days. Can I get International Travel Insurance cover?

You will have to pay premiums for a minimum of 1 week, i.e. seven days irrespective of the number of days of travel.

Which conditions are covered under medical coverage?

Below is a brief description of the conditions covered under medical coverage:

Inpatient or Outpatient treatment, provided the same is critical and cannot be deferred till the Insured's return to the Republic of India.

Medical aid, Radiotherapy, heat therapy, photo therapy, X-Ray, Diagnostic test and other such treatment/diagnostic tests prescribed by a Physician

Cost of transportation, including necessary medical care en-route, by recognized emergency service providers for medical attention at the nearest hospital or at the nearest Physician

What are the modes of payment?

Now you can choose between 5 payment options to pay your premium online:

  • Credit Card – Make secure premium payments with your VISA, MasterCard and AMEX card.
  • Net Banking - Transfer premium amounts online through ICICI Bank and 9 other select Banks
  • Bill Pay – Use your ICICI Bank Internet Banking account to pay your insurance premium
  • Debit Card – Just enter your Citibank Debit Card details to pay your insurance premium directly
  • Cash Card - Use your Done Card to make payment online
  • Choose the product you plan to buy and log in to Buy Online
  • Fill in the transaction details
  • Choose from the 3, 6, 12 or 24 months options according to your convenience
  • Access your policy immediately online

What if I fail to produce the required documents?

There are some documents that are a mandatory requirement, without which a claim will not be paid. We will try and assist you to find surrogate means to get the required proof.

Within how many days should the claim for insurance benefit be submitted?

Claims should be submitted in 30 days, i.e. within a month after the completion of treatment. In the event of death, they can be submitted after the repatriation of the person's remains/burial.

Will my charges be paid directly to the service provider or do I need to pay the bill first and then claim it from ICICI Lombard later?

For hospitalisation, please call on +1 844 871 1200 (From USA/Canada), on +91 124 4498778 (From rest of the world), which you would have to call up for the cashless claim, and for a physician visit, you will get reimbursement on the bills.

What is the process if we need to claim later?

The forms are available on the website and you will also receive the forms along with the policy. You can submit them with the relevant documents.

Do you cover ambulance charges also?

Yes we do cover ambulance charges. We also cover all medical evacuation costs.

I am not sure that I understand the way the health care will be provided. Do you issue a card which will enable treatment in the selected hospitals?

You will need to call the helpline numbers. On your request, we will arrange the cashless facility in the nearest hospital where you can avail treatment. All you need to show is your passport number and the policy number. In case of worldwide policies, we issue a Falck card, which is mailed along with policy certificate and will enable you to avail cashless facility in most of US hospitals.

Do we have to contact the ASP (Assistance Service Provider) in case of an illness and/or an emergency?

Yes, all insurance claims throughout the world are settled by ASP, in our case, it is Falck India Pvt Ltd. In case of hospitalisation, you would need to call our ASP on our helpline number at +1 844 871 1200 (From USA/Canada), +91 124 4498778 (From rest of the world). It's the agency who will settle your claims abroad on our behalf. They will assist you with a cashless facility, else they will inform you on the hospital where you can avail the treatment.

How many providers in the US accept ICICI Lombard's International Travel Insurance?

In case of claims, you need to contact our ASP, Falck. They have tie-ups with almost all local ASPs in the US, thus making a huge coverage list. They will arrange for cashless facility for you at the nearest hospital. For all policies in US or in India, the claims are settled through the ASP. Please try the toll free number +1 844 871 1200.For cashless claims we have tied with Falck, which is one of the largest medical care providers. You can show your Falck card and avail cashless facility in US hospitals.

Do my parents need to have the policy papers with them when they are traveling?

Yes. They will be required to buy the policy before travelling from India. An online policy can be bought by visiting our website; which will be digitally signed and will be valid throughout the world. Once payment is made, the policy will be generated instantly and your parents in India can take printouts immediately. Even if the policy is lost, all you need to do is login to our website through your login ID and password, and take a printout instantly.

How does the reimbursement claim process work?

For reimbursement claims settlement, the ASP will check the required claim documents and reimburse the payments within 15 days.

Please refer to the reimbursement claim process as below:

Please call us at our insurance claims helpline number:
In USA and Canada: + 1 844 871 1200(Toll-free)
From the rest of the world: +91 124 4498778 (Call back facility)
In India: 1800 102 5721 (Toll-free and accessible in India only)
Fax:+91 124 4006674


Download our claim form. Click here to download. 
Mail the claim form duly filled in with the relevant documents at:

Claims Department,
Falck India Pvt. Ltd.
Upper Floor,
The Peach Tree, Block - C,
SushantLok –I, Sector 43,Gurgaon, 
Haryana -122015 (India)

What is the deductible that you offer?

There is a Deductible/Policy Excess of US $ 100. This implies that for any claim, the first $100 is to be borne by you. This deductible is applicable on a per-illness (complete treatment) basis and not on a per-visit basis to the doctor/hospital. However, we do not have any co-pays. Similarly, there is a deductible of $50 for the loss of passport and a policy excess of 12 hours in case your airplane is hijacked.

If hospitalisation is for more than 2 consecutive days, this benefit can be cleared only once during the policy period.

Does this mean that the insured will have to bear hospitalisation expenses for the first 2 days?

This deductible is for daily allowance (US$ 50 per day for a maximum of five days) and not for hospitalisation. This allowance is for expenses other than hospitalisation expenses. The Company shall pay you a daily compensation if the hospitalisation is for a period of more than 2 consecutive days.

Would you settle my claim when I am back in India?

Except in the case of financial emergency, we can settle claims once you are back in India or when you are abroad. We also have a cashless facility in case of hospitalisation. Please register your claims through our ASP, Falck. They will arrange for the cashless facility for you in the nearest hospital. So whether you claim abroad or when you are back in India, the claims would be settled with our ASP.

How do the hospitals across US recognise your insurance and how do you offer us cashless facility?

When you buy a policy from us, we issue an E card with your insurance policy (you can easily take print out of the same). Please register on the numbers mentioned on the E card before availing treatment. Cashless benefits are applicable only for Inpatient treatment and not for Outpatient treatment. Kindly contact us on + 1 844 871 1200 (Toll-free from USA/Canada) and +91 124 4498778 (rest of the world call back facility). Our team also provides you referral to a provider wherein you can receive treatment

How long does it take to receive the policy papers once I purchase the policy online?

The hard copy of the policy will reach you within 7 working days. However, you can buy the policy online within 15 minutes and print the policy instantly. This works as a legally valid document, even at the time of claims, as all you need to have is your passport details and policy number.

What are the charges for policy cancellation?

The fee for policy cancellation is ₹300.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my policy?

The policy bought online will be cancelled and the amount will be refunded on a pro-rata basis provided no claims have been made subject to minimum 30 days left for the policy to expire.