• Pension Payment Orders are issued by Central Pension Accounting Office, New Delhi.
  • The pensioner opens an account with ICICI Bank and furnishes the account number to the Pension issuing office who, in turn, issues the PPO (Pension Payment Order) with this designated account number.
  • The PPO is then sent to the Central Pension Processing Centre (CPPC) and the pensioner
  • Pension is disbursed every month through CPPC Package.

The coverage of the Scheme extends to all pensioners of the Central Government employed in Civil Ministries/ Departments (other than Railways, Post and Defence), National Capital Territory of Delhi, and Union Territory Administrations without legislatures, retired Judges of the High Courts and the Supreme Court and All India Service Officers. This Scheme also covers payment of pension to former Members of Parliament and the payment of pension and other amenities to the former Presidents/ Vice Presidents of India

How to subscribe

Identity proof
Address proof
1 photographs (passport size)
Apply now

SMS ‘TAB’ to 5676766

  • If you already have an account with ICICI Bank, you can use the same account
  • Else, submit the Savings Account Form along with KYC documents to open a new account, which is described in left side
  • Submit the account number and the name of the account holding branch to the Pay & Accounts Office (PAO) in your organization.

Civil Pension Scheme FAQs

What documents are required to be submitted with the life certificate?
  • ID Proof
  • Life certificate
What is Jeevan Pramaan/Digital Life certificate?

Digital Life certificate can be submitted at the branches through Jeevan Pramaan app.

Where should I submit my life certificates?
  • Life certificates should be submitted at any branch (format in forms and formats)
  • Branch will raise an SR to CPPC under the path: IR > Liabilities > submission of Pension Document.

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