Monthly account statements by e-mail:

You will receive the account statement in the first week of every month. Monthly email statements are absolutely free of cost.

  • To subscribe, login to with your internet banking UserID and Password and go to Banking section for Account Statement by Email
  • You can also contact our Customer Care number and inform us of your choice
  • The facility of Nomination is available for relationships in the names of individuals. Unless otherwise specifically, given in writing by depositors, nomination in deposit accounts will be at Customer ID level
  • A depositor(s) however has / have the right to specify different nominations at account level by completing the appropriate forms
  • Further, the applicant(s) is / are at liberty to change the nominee during the currency of the relationship accounts with the Bank through declaration to that effect in the appropriate form

Easy Receive Savings Account FAQs

What is an Easy Receive Account?

Easy receive account is a resident savings bank account for customers who receive remittances from abroad. This account will cater to the domestic banking needs while offering additional benefits for remittances received in the account.

Can the Easy Receive Account be a joint account?

Yes, an Easy Receive Account can be opened as a joint account.

What is the minimum balance requirement for an Easy Receive Account?

The minimum, average monthly balance is zero, if you receive at least one foreign inward remittance in the last three months.

Otherwise, a minimum, average monthly balance of Rs. 10,000 will have to be maintained for metro and urban branches and Rs. 5,000 will have to be maintained at semi-urban and rural locations.

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