ICICI Bank is a responsible corporate committed to building a sustainable future through focussed initiatives and interventions. It has a well-structured Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) framework to drive its sustainability efforts and enable long-term growth.

Our ESG Policy is approved by the Board of Directors and covers all the important facets of sustainability. The Board Risk Committee is responsible for oversight of this policy. The Committee periodically reviews the Bank’s action plan on various aspects of ESG, external reporting and stakeholder feedback.

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Environmental Sensitivity in the Bank’s Operations

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Governance Framework

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Stakeholder Engagement and Accountability

ICICI Bank’s ESG philosophy is centred around creating a positive impact on the environment and society through sustainable business practices. We are focussed on promoting long-term growth in the economy by incorporating responsible corporate citizenship in our business operations.

ICICI Bank’s ESG framework factors in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). The ESG roadmap mandates us to adopt environment-friendly practices in our business operations. Our ESG programmes are aimed at empowering underprivileged Indians by transforming their lives and helping them earn sustainable livelihoods. It is our constant endeavour to comply to the high standards of corporate governance in the conduct of our business.

During fiscal 2023, we progressed on our ESG journey by taking suitable initiatives with a focus on building a sustainable and responsible business. We have further expanded our social outreach by creating an enduring impact on the society and the environment through various initiatives in the areas of affordable and accessible health, rural livelihoods and societal development.

We have identified rural transformation as an important area of our ESG interventions. Our value chain interventions are designed to transform India’s villages into self-sustaining ecosystems with focus on environment conservation. We actively promote sustainable usage of natural resources and employ responsible financing practices by investing in environment-friendly sectors. We provide financial grants to third parties to facilitate inclusive growth and ensure ecological development.

Through our responsibility-driven initiatives in fiscal 2023, we aimed to meet the evolving needs of our customers, employees and the communities around us. We made further investments in digitalisation and automation to protect and conserve the environment while enriching customer experience. We scaled up our employee engagement and empowerment efforts during the year. We further enhanced our focus on delivering transparent, ethical and responsible governance.

The information covered in the report is India-centric and excludes ICICI Bank’s international operations. This report provides information related to ICICI Bank's ESG initiatives and covers the activities of ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth in fiscal 2023. Additional information about ICICI Bank can be found on its website www.icicibank.com

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