Siachen in Ladakh is the world’s highest battleground and is undoubtedly one of the toughest terrains to protect. During the harsh winters, temperatures drop to -50°C and lower. Our valiant officers and personnel of the Indian Armed Forces are posted at Siachen throughout the year to protect the nation in this difficult terrain.

ICICI Bank has partnered with Soldiers Independent Rehabilitation Foundation (SIRF), an NGO that works for the betterment of our soldiers.

In April 2018, SIRF proposed the commissioning of an oxygen generation plant on the premises of the battalion headquarters. Prior to implementing this initiative, oxygen cylinders were transported over long distances to the glacier. Due to the long distance, the cylinders often did not reach the soldiers on time. Setting up a plant enabled our soldiers to refill oxygen cylinders locally, leading to savings in both casualties and costs.

ICICI Bank provided a grant which contributed to a large part of the total cost of this unique project. SIRF mobilised the balance amount through crowd funding.

The oxygen generation plant at Siachen was commissioned in 2019. The plant has a capacity of generating 225 litres of oxygen per minute and can support up to 25,000 personnel at any given point in time.

Oxygen cylinders (representational image)

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