Managing Environmental Footprint

We, at ICICI Bank, are conscious of how our operations impact the environment. We are, therefore, focussed on managing our environmental footprint. We have incorporated several changes to our operations in this endeavour. These include optimising energy consumption, reducing wastage of resources, and making sure to recycle and reuse. We believe that by integrating the idea of preserving the environment into our business paradigm, our work can have a positive impact. This is particularly important as we conduct business across the country.

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Building sustainable, eco-friendly workplaces

As on March 31, 2021, 11 of our offices spread across 2.28 million sq. ft., have been certified with a ‘Platinum’ rating by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

Our environment conservation strategy is focussed on building and maintaining green places of work. Keeping in mind our widespread operations, we have undertaken several initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. Each of these initiatives is based on our core ethos. This are to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle while increasing the efficiency with which we operate.

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The Bank is committed to energy efficiency and is always seeking to adopt environment– friendly practices in its operations. Our efforts include adopting--energy efficient practices, green features at premises, water conservation measures and paper saving.

Our strategy to manage our environmental footprint is based on efficient usage of energy with a focus to manage and conserve it. The Bank’s concerted and continuous, multipronged efforts have led to a reduction in energy consumption in its operations. Our energy conservation strategy focuses on three areas to help us achieve our energy goals. They are improvement of existing energy efficiencies, investment in superior design and technology and adoption of renewable energy.

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ICICI Bank ensures that water consumption at its large offices is lower than the benchmark. We have undertaken various initiatives to conserve water. We recycle and reuse waste water at three large offices including ICICI Bank Service Centre at Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai. All new offices and branches opened during fiscal 2021 were fitted with water efficient plumbing fixtures. Rain water harvesting is being undertaken at three large offices.

Integral to our initiatives focussed on managing our environmental footprint are a focus on waste reduction and management. We constantly aim to minimise the waste we generate with our operations. We also aim to decrease the waste we send to landfills. This is in line with our philosophy of ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’.

At ICICI Bank, a majority of our waste is wet waste, dry waste, and e-waste. We make use of several initiatives in order to manage the same effectively.

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ICICI Bank is a pioneer in digitisation and adoption of emerging technologies in banking. Our initiatives encompass digital re-engineering of our operations that provide us with an opportunity to manage our environmental footprint, while creating superior and delightful banking experiences for our customers. We believe that encouraging customers to adopt digital practices not only helps in improving efficiency and reducing servicing time, but also helps create a positive impact on the environment.

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