About the Report

At ICICI Bank, we strive to fulfil our role as a responsible corporate citizen through our diverse environmental, social and governance initiatives. Our continuous efforts aimed at building a sustainable tomorrow rest on key pillars in line with the ‘Environment, Social and Governance Framework’ approved by our Board of Directors. The pillars are:

Financing with
a Focus on

These pillars are in consonance with the long-term developmental goals of building and enabling a dynamic India. They also derive inspiration from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

At ICICI Bank, we maintain the highest standards of corporate governance in the conduct of our business and strive to perform our operations in an environment-friendly manner. We design and execute programmes to empower underprivileged Indians to transform their lives and to earn sustainable livelihoods. We also undertake multifaceted value chain interventions to transform our villages into selfsustaining, prosperous ecosystems that are in harmony with the environment. Our initiatives promote sustainable usage of natural resources. We follow responsible financing practices by promoting environment-friendly sectors. We emphasise on including environmental and social risk management objectives as a part of our financing. We also provide financial assistance to efforts made by third parties to further our goals of catalysing inclusive growth and conserving ecological balance.

During fiscal 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges, forcing the country to impose a nation-wide lockdown. As a responsible and large financial conglomerate and essential services provider, we supported the nation by responding to the needs of our customers, employees and society at large. We ensured that our branches and ATMs remained functional. We accelerated the availability of digital offerings to ensure that our customers had easy, 24x7 access to our products and services, from the comfort of their home. Alongside, we offered a safe work environment, while extending care and medical support for employees. In addition, we offered monetary contributions and assisted the central and various state governments and municipal corporations in their efforts to collect donations digitally. We also actively supported relief efforts on the ground by supplying essential protective equipment to frontline warriors, in coordination with the state governments, district administrations and police forces. Further, we provided medical equipment to hospitals to help the nation emerge from this difficult situation.

The information covered in the report is India-centric and excludes ICICI Bank’s international operations. The report also covers the operations of ICICI Foundation for Inclusive Growth. Additional information about ICICI Bank can be found on its website, www.icicibank.com