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Trade Online

Trade Transactions Online for Importers and Exporters

Trade Online is a unique digital platform for importers and exporters for submitting trade transaction requests online. You can log in to Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) with your Corporate ID, User ID and Password and initiate trade transaction requests directly from your office or home.

You also get a complete agile and real time dashboard which enables you to view status of all your trade transactions as well as summary and detail of key import and export bills outstanding


Transact online & experience the difference

Fast | Convenient | Safe | Paperless*


  SMS Trade to 5676766  Or   Give a missed call on 92 0548 0548

  SMS Trade to 5676766   Or    Give a missed call on92 0548 0548 92 0548 0548

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I agree that by clicking on 'Submit', I authorise ICICI Bank and its representatives to contact me by telephone, e-mail, using Short Messaging Service (SMS) with respect to products/ facilities hereby applied for.

Salient Features of Trade Online

  • Safe & Secure channel with robust authentication process
  • Dashboard of stage-wise pending transactions
  • Intimation to beneficiary on payment
  • Auto-generation of regulatory documents
  • Prefilled templates for same beneficiaries for transactions of repetitive nature
  • Calendar for scheduling future payments
Features Features

Convenience with Trade Online


Trade Online offers you the convenience to transact from the comfort of your office:

  • No Setup cost
  • Faster turnaround time (“TAT”)
  • Transact paperless*
  • Audit trail of documents

Complete Array of transactions

Import Solutions

Import Solutions
  • Cross-border Remittances – Import & Non-Import
  • BOE Regularization
  • Letter of Credit
  • Import Collection Bills

Import Solutions
Export Solutions

Export Solutions

Export Solutions
  • Inward Remittance settlement
  • Export Bill Regularization
  • Export Credit – EPC/PCFC
  • Bank Guarantee
  • Export Collection Bills

Transact in 4 simple Steps:

  • Login to Corporate Internet Banking
  • Select transaction and fill required details
  • Upload relevant documents, if any
  • Submit the transaction to bank for processing


Know more about Trade Online

Trade Online FAQs

Benefits of doing trade with ICICI Bank?

With ICICI Bank you can transact almost all your export Import transactions digitally and with our round the clock transaction processing you can be assured of faster turnaround time. Through our one view portal you can get real time status of your transactions plus a complete overview of your export and import outstanding in a single dashboard. Our dedicated team of relationship mangers is always there to assist you in all your banking requirements. We also offer a tailor made current account which is ideal for both cross border and domestic business in multiple variants with choice to maintain monthly average balance or monthly trade throughput.

How do I open the trade account with ICICI Bank and Whom to contact?

To open a Trade account with ICICI Bank you can visit to any of the nearest branch of ICICI Bank or you can SMS TRADE to 5676766 or submit your details on our website and we will get in touch with you.

What benefits do I get with the trade account with ICICI Bank?

We offer a tailor made current account which is ideal for both cross border and domestic business in multiple variants with choice to maintain monthly average balance or monthly trade throughput. Get preferential pricing for Cash management solutions, Locker charges, Auto loans and personal accident insurance at the time of account opening

3 variants of ONE GLOBE TRADE ACCOUNT as per your need

  • Trade Basic (MTP 5,000 USD equivalent Rs 50,000 MAB)
  • Trade Gold (MTP 20,000 USD equivalent Rs 1,00,000 MAB)
  • Trade Platinum (MTP 80,000 USD equivalent Rs 5,00,000 MAB)

You also get digital alerts such as:

  • E-Advices
  • E- Swift
  • Trade Alerts
  • E-Mail statements

How will Trade Online benefit me?

Transactions can be submitted anytime and anywhere without any additional setup cost with lesser turnaround time. With facility to save standard templates, you can also process transactions of a repetitive nature and view all transactions on a comprehensive dashboard with a facility of alerts & notifications.

What is the registration process to avail Trade Online facility of ICICI Bank?

In case you have a Trade Finance facility with the Bank, you can fill up the Trade Online request letter and provide the supporting documents like Board Resolution or Partnership Mandate to your Relationship Manager. Once activated you will receive CIB user ID details and password to login.

How can I Access Trade Online Platform?

You can access Trade Online by just logging in to your corporate Internet banking account using your CIB corporate id, user id and password. The Trade Online option will be enabled on completion of the registration process with the Bank.

Do I need to submit documents to the branch for transactions done on Trade online?

No need to submit physical documents in case transaction is initiated through online platform, however documents may be required to be submitted in case of required by any regulator.

I don’t have ICICI Bank Corporate Internet Banking facility, what should I do?

To avail ICICI Bank Corporate Banking facility, reach out to your Relationship Manager or visit your nearest branch to sign up for Corporate Internet Banking.

Is there a fee for this facility?

No fee is charged for availing this facility.

Have any other query?

You can always reach out to us at the following contact points:

  • Visiting your nearest ICICI Bank branch
  • Contact your Relationship Manager
(* - Disclaimer:” Scanned copy of documents may be required to be submitted online wherever required”)

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