I-Sure Pay


I-Sure Pay

Facilitates customers to deposit cash, transfer cheques, clearing cheques, Demand Drafts, Pay Orders and debit instructions at any ICICI Bank branch with the benefit of acknowledgement on a real-time basis, on successful validation of the customer details in the Payee institution’s systems.






Benefits for you

  • Assurance of correct payment from genuine customer
  • Flexibility in decision making whether to ‘Accept’ or ‘Reject’ the payment
  • Cost of handling and carrying cash and/or cheques is saved
  • Account is credited as soon as cash is received and ‘on realization’ in case of cheque
  • Customised acknowledgement receipt
  • Real time XML alert to client server for database updation
  • No manual reconciliation needed


Benefits to your payers

  • Free of cost service
  • Available at all ICICI Bank branches
  • On-the-spot receipt generation
  • Flexibility to opt for partial payment
  • No need of internet connectivity

How does it work