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All ICICI Bank Current Account customers who have Business Banking Debit or Inquiry Card or registered on Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) can access iBizz application on their Android and iOS and Windows mobile handsets. Do not have Corporate Internet Banking? Click here to know more

How to access iBizz on mobile

Just follow the steps given below to access your account on your mobile.


Step 1: Get Corporate Internet Banking (CIB) account with view or transaction access. Contact your branch to register for CIB.


Step 2: Download iBizz

  • For android mobile phones, Go to Google Playstore → Search iBizz → install app. Or click here to download the app.
  • For iOS mobile phones, Go to iTunes store → Search iBizz → Install app. Or click here to download the app.
  • For Windows mobile phones, Go to Microsoft store → Search iBizz → Install app. Or  click here to download the app

Step 3: Login into iBizz


Once the iBizz app is downloaded, open the app from applications folder. You can login using Corporate Internet Banking credentials or Business Banking Debit/Inquiry Card details

  • Using Corporate Internet Banking credentials (Corporate ID, User ID and CIB Password), you can directly login to iBizz.
  • For M-PIN based login, you need to activate iBizz through the following steps:
    1. Enter 16-digit Business Banking Debit/Inquiry Card number
    2. Enter 12-digit One Time Activation Code sent on registered mobile number
    3. Enter grid values printed at back of Business Banking Card
    4. Set M-PIN for future log in purpose

Refer FAQs for further details.


Get iBizz for android mobile


Get iBizz for iOS mobile