Smart Vault - India’s 1st Automated Locker

Smart Vault

About Smart Vault

Welcome to the most advanced, first-of-its-kind locker service in India, the 'Smart Vault'. Now you can safeguard your valuables while enjoying the convenience of accessing them any time, any day.


To provide you the best in convenience and safety, the Smart Vault is designed with state-of-the-art robotic technology and high-end security.

Robotic Technology

The Smart Vault is powered by revolutionary robotic technology that minimizes human intervention while operating the locker. The advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) enabled mechanism scans your request and retrieves your locker using robotic arm from our robust and secure vault. Your locker is made available to you conveniently at a kiosk. After your work with the locker is complete, the robotic arm also retracts your locker back to its secured location.

High-end Security

The Smart Vault is equipped with the most evolved and intelligent security systems. The access to the locker room is secured by Debit Card and Biometric authentication. The locker itself has multi-level security checks with Debit Card swipe, ATM PIN authentication, unbreakable lock system and an option of using an additional personal lock as well. These cutting-edge security features ensure that your valuables are safe in the fortified vault and that only you can access your valuables.


We understand that your family members may also need to access your valuables. Thus, access to Smart Vault can be extended to joint holder of your account by getting an add-on Debit Card issued in their name.


Stay a step ahead in safety. Come, experience the smart way of accessing your valuables with Smart Vault.

How To Operate Smart Vault

  • Smart vault first

    Step 1


    To enter the locker room, swipe your Debit Card and authorize with biometric authentication.

  • smart-vault-two

    Step 2


    To access your locker, swipe your Debit Card at the kiosk and enter your ATM PIN. In-case you have more than one locker, the interface allows you to choose the locker you want to access.

  • smart-vault-three

    Step 3


    In the vault room, the robotic arm identifies your locker and brings it to the kiosk. The steel lid on the kiosk slides back to reveal your locker.

  • smart-vault-four

    Step 4


    You can open your locker with a unique key, provided by the bank. For added safety, you may also choose to have an additional personal lock on your locker.

  • smart-vault-five

    Step 5


    Once your work is done, simply lock your locker and press the 'Exit' button. The system alerts you in case you have not shut the locker properly or if there is an obstruction in the path of steel lid.

  • smart-vault-six

    Step 6


    You may leave the locker room once the "Thank You" message flashes on the kiosk screen. At the back-end, the robotic arm retracts the locker and places it back safely in a robust and secured vault.

Locker Types

We offer you the convenience of choosing a locker which best suits your needs.


Smart Vault lockers are available in following 4 different sizes.

Smart Vault D
Smart Vault F
Smart Vault G
Smart Vault K
Sr. No. Locker TypeInner Dimensions (cms)
1 D 52.4 27.5 19.1
2 F 52.4 36.5 27.7
3 G 52.4 54.6 19.1
4 K 52.4 54.6 40.7