Investment Products – Grow Your Wealth

Grow Your Wealth

The economy and markets are ever evolving. To grow your wealth in these dynamic conditions, you need to follow a systematic investment approach, diversify your investments and seek expert guidance.


The Relationship Manager will work closely with our team of financial experts to suggest superior investment solutions to meet your needs. Your financial profile, investment goals and risk appetite are key factors that guide our in-depth investment approach.

Investment Products

You can invest in Mutual Funds across asset classes, Private Equity Funds, Portfolio Management Services# and insurance products with ICICI Bank Wealth Management.


Our endeavour is to develop products that get you better returns within your investment strategy. #Strictly on referral basis only.

Grow Your Wealth


You can conveniently identify and shortlist properties that meet your requirements with ICICI Home Finance*, our group company. A team of real estate experts will facilitate support for loans and will also assist you in documentation.


*ICICI Bank has a referral tie up with ICICI Home Finance for providing property related services.


Don't let cash flow constraints come in the way of your aspirations. Choose from the diverse lending solutions from home, car and personal loans to loans against securities.