Expert for every need

Experts for Every Need

Financial Experts

To service your varied needs, the team of financial experts will bring to the table ICICI Bank’s expertise across various financial products offering you enhanced service levels, quicker responses and end-to-end solutions, customised to your present and future needs.

  • Dedicated Relationship Manager : Your Relationship Manager will be the single point of contact for all your banking and investment needs.
  • Dedicated Customer Service Manager : At the branch you will be serviced by your Customer Service Manager to ensure you get priority service and quick solutions, making your banking experience smoother and more convenient.
  • Team of Financial Experts : Your Relationship Manager is supported by a team of experts who bring with them knowledge and experience in Loans, Investments, Property*, Personal Banking and Business Banking. This wide spectrum of expertise means that we are able to assist you across a multitude of financial decisions.
  • Dedicated Business Banking Specialist : If you are an entrepreneur, managing the finances of your business is as important as managing your personal wealth. You can turn to your dedicated Business Banking Specialist for help with your business banking needs.
  • ICICI Group Expertise : ICICI Group has expertise across a range of financial services, from banking to broking, insurance, real estate, equity, private equity and many more. Our expertise from across the group is at your disposal to provide you the best financial solutions, based on your needs.

*ICICI Bank has a referral tie up with ICICI Home Finance for providing property related services.