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Speaker: Mr. Sankaran Naren

Designation: CIO & Executive Director, ICICI Prudential MF

In this video, Mr. Sankaran Naren talks about impact of various factors like elections in India and other emerging markets. According to him, 2019 will be the year of stock picking and would be a good year for mutual funds as well.


Speaker: Mr. Balachander Prasanna

Designation: Head Markets Group, ICICI Bank

In this video, Mr. Balachander Prasanna talks about impact of various factors such as interest rates, oil price and US dollar on the markets in 2019. This year will be similar to 2017 where one can expect growth but at a slow rate. He advises investors to look at multiple factors before investing.


Speaker: Mr. Manish Kumar

Designation: CIO, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance

In this video, Mr. Manish Kumar talks about investing into midcaps which has greater chances of better returns than large cap. According to him, lot of passive money has gone into system which will stop in the next 12 months and active money will start flowing in the system.