Trade Service

Trade Services

Our Trade services help you focus on your business and compete in global markets. Whether you are an importer or exporter, our correspondent network of over 440 foreign banks across over 60 countries, and foreign currency Nostro accounts in more than 26 currencies will ensure that we meet all your international / domestic trade requirements.

Services Offered:

Trade Services 

  • Trade Variant Current Account – A unique combination of HNI Current Account features and customised solutions for your global trade services requirement
  • Fx-online : A portal to help you book conversion rates for your foreign currency remittances at your fingertips
  • Preferential foreign exchange pricing to help you compete in the international market
  • Letter of Credit : Obtain accurate and on-time payments from your sellers
  • Export Finance : Obtain pre and post shipment credit for your export business
  • Import Finance : Get the best priced solutions for your import business
  • Import Bill for collection: Facilitates your trade activities with our efficient documentary collection services
  • Bank Guarantee : Avail bank guarantee in INR as well as foreign currency
  • Export Bill Collection : Facilitates your trade activities by converting your assets into cash immediately
  • Remittances : Ensures Efficient and Prompt trade transactions with your global trade partners
  • Inland Bill Discounting: Client-centric treasury offers fully integrated services through state-of-the-art dealing rooms
  • Bill for Collection : Obtain financing by virtue of discounting your bills
  • FX-On-Call : It is a facility to help you connect with our experts that helps in deal booking and sharing of market rates