Terms and conditions

  1. The Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) product is a third party product offered by RBI and ICICI Bank is not liable or responsible and shall not be held responsible or liable for the product.
  2. Only a PAN No will be taken as ID proof while applying for online mode.
  3. Only Resident Indians will be allowed for applying for the SGB product through Online mode
  4. Only application received within the range of, 1 grams and 4 kg, shall be accepted.
  5. In case of insufficient funds in the funding account, the request will not be processed.
  6. Only Single holding mode is allowed for online mode of the SGB product.
  7. In case of Joint account funding, the bonds will be issued in the name of Primary account holder only
  8. The nomination details for the corresponding account from which funds are debited will automatically be applicable, provided that the nominee's date of birth is updated in ICICI Bank's system.
  9. Minor accounts shall not be eligible for application of SGB product through online mode.
  10. The account through which debit card authentication has happened, the account Information pertaining to that account, will be taken for, subscription of SGB. The lien will be also be marked in the same account for the amount subscribed till the funds are remitted to RBI.
  11. The account number from where the funds are debited for subscribing for sovereign gold bond, those account number will be taken for receiving the interest pertaining to SGB also Maturity redemption will also happen in the same account
  12. If the case is rejected from RBI on account of breach for the maximum investment unit in the respective financial year permissible clause, the bank will not be held liable.
  13. My aggregate investment in Sovereign Gold Bonds does not exceed 4 Kg of gold during the financial year.
  14. The Information furnished in this application is true and complete
  15. I understand and accept that the nominee under this account will automatically become a nominee under the Sovereign gold bond
  16. I have read, understood and accept ‘Details of Information for the Investors as well as Rights and Duties of Investors’ as prescribed by RBI