Senior Citizen Savings Account


Available toAll cities


Indian resident > 60 yrs of age

Minimum monthly average balance (MAB)*


Charges for non maintenance of minimum monthly average balance (NMMAB)

 5% of the shortfall in required MAB or Rs. 100 whichever is lower

Cash Transaction Charges
(Cumulative of Deposit and Withdrawal)

1) Number Limit (Sum total of deposits and withdrawals)
4 free cash transactions per month.
Charges above free limits: Rs 150 per transaction.

2) Value Limit (Sum total of deposits and withdrawals) The value limit is inclusive of both Home and Non home branch transactions.
a) Home Branch (Branch where account is opened or ported)
Rs 1 lakh free per month per account.
Above Rs 1 lakh – Rs 5 per Rs 1,000, subject to a minimum of Rs 150
b) Non-Home branch –
No charges for cash transactions value up to Rs 25,000 per day.
Above Rs 25,000 – Rs 5 per Rs 1,000 subject to a minimum of Rs 150

3) Third party Cash transaction (Sum total of deposits and withdrawals) -
Up to a limit of Rs 25,000 per transaction – Rs 150 per transaction.
For Senior Citizen customers, Young Star / Smart Star accounts, while the limit of Rs 25,000 per transaction will be applicable, the accounts will not be charged.

ATM Interchange (Transactions at Non ICICI Bank ATMs)


Transactions at ICICI Bank ATMs / Cash Recycler Machines (cash withdrawals)


Issue of DD drawn on ICICI Bank by cheque/transfer

For amounts upto Rs.10,000– Rs.40, For amounts above Rs.10,000 till Rs.50,000– Rs.60, For amounts above Rs.50,000- Rs.5 per thousand rupees or part thereof (maximum of Rs.15,000)


Free Monthly e-mail statement

Free Quarterly statement sent by post

Passbook facility available at base branch free of cost

View and download statement facility available on the website

Debit Card Fees for first Account Holder


Debit Card Fees for joint Account Holder


Debit Card Cash withdrawal limit

Domestic transaction limit - Daily spending/withdrawal limit: Rs.100,000/Rs.50,000
International transaction limit - Daily spending/withdrawal limit: Rs.100,000/ Rs.50,000

Cheque Books

Nil for 25 payable-at-par cheque leaves in a year;
Rs. 20 for every additional cheque book of 10 leaves

Charges for Multicity cheque payment


Value Added SMS alert facility

(For transactions other than specified by regulatory guidelines, sms alerts will be triggered only if the transaction value is greater than Rs.5,000)



Outstation cheque collection –through ICICI bank branch locations


Outstation cheque collection –through non ICICI bank branch locations

Upto Rs. 5,000 – Rs. 25 per instrument
Rs. 5,001 to Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 50 per instrument
Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 1 lakh – Rs 100 per instrument
Above Rs. 1 lakh - Rs. 200 per instrument

Address change request at branches


Cash deposit charges - Cash Acceptor/Recycler machines



  1. Common service charges applicable to all Savings Account variants except for Wealth Management / ICICI Bank Private Banking and the ones mentioned above. Click here.
  2. Taxes at prevailing rates as per Govt rules shall be applicable over and above the mentioned charges.The charges indicated above are subject to periodic revision. 
  3. *With effect from April 1, 2015:In the event of non-maintenance of minimum MAB, the bank will notify the customer by SMS/e-mail/ letter etc. that in the event of the minimum balance not being restored in the account in the subsequent month,non-maintenance of MAB charges will be applicable.
    In case the customer has not maintained MAB for any consecutive month, non-maintenance of MAB charges shall be applicable for all consecutive months.The Bank will notify the customer in the initial month only in case of non-maintenance of MAB in consecutive months.It will be the responsibility of the customer to have a valid e-mail ID,mobile number and address updated with the Bank at all times,failing which,customer may not receive the notification(s).