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Common Service Charges


Common ICICI Bank savings account facilities for all products except for Wealth Management / ICICI Bank Private Banking and unless specified product-wise
Service Charges
Statement Free Quarterly Statement
Free monthly e-mail statement on request
Passbook facility available at base branch free of cost
View and download statement facility available on the website
Issue of Duplicate Statement Rs.100 per statement at branch or Customer Care (non-IVR), Rs. 50 per statement through Customer Care (IVR), ATM and Net banking
Issue of pass book Nil on request at base branch where account is maintained.
Issue of duplicate pass book Rs 100 for issuance and Rs 25 per page for updation
DD / PO - Issue Rs.50 per D.D. up to Rs.10,000;Rs.5 per thousand rupees or part thereof for DD of more than Rs.10,000, subject to a minimum of Rs.75 and maximum of Rs. 15,000
For Senior Citizen, Student & Rural locations : For amounts upto Rs.10,000– Rs.40, For amounts above Rs.10,000 till Rs.50,000 – Rs.60, For amounts above Rs.50,000– Rs.5 per thousand rupees or part thereof (maximum of Rs.15,000)
DD/PO - Issue by deposit of cash Rs.150 per PO for amounts up to Rs.50,000, For PO above Rs. 50,000 Rs.5 per thousand rupees or part thereof, subject to a minimum of Rs.150 and maximum of Rs.15000
DD / PO - Cancellation / Duplicate / Revalidation For Instrument value upto Rs.200 – Nil
For Instrument value above Rs.200 - Rs.100
NEFT Charges - Outward Through Online Channel – Nil
Through Branch Channel -
Up to Rs 10,000 – Rs 2.25 per transaction
Rs 10,001 to Rs 1 lakh – Rs 4.75 per transaction
Above Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh – Rs 14.75 per transaction
Above Rs 2 lakh and up to Rs 10 lakh – Rs 24.75 per transaction
NEFT Charges - Inward Nil
RTGS - Outward Through Online Channel – Nil
Through Branch Channel –
Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh – Rs 20 per transaction
Above Rs 5 lakh - Rs 45 per transaction
RTGS - Inward Nil
IMPS - Outward

Upto Rs.1 lakh – Rs. 5 per transaction
Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakhs – Rs. 15 per transaction
(Max limit per transaction - Rs. 5 lakhs)

IMPS - Inward Nil
UPI transaction charges Nil
Charges for certifying or verifying customer ECS mandates Nil
Cheque Collection Local Nil
Account closure Nil for closure within 30 days of account opening, Rs.500 for closure during 31 days to one year, Nil after one year of account opening
Debit Card
Enrolment fee For Coral Debit Card Joining Fee of Rs. 499 and annual fee of Rs. 499
Nil For All Other Debit Cards
Late Payment Charges N.A.
Replacement Card fees (Lost / Damaged card) Rs. 200 per card
Surcharge on Fuel purchases For more details, please check Important Notice section on Debit Card
Surcharge on railway bookings 1.8% of bookings as per Visa regulations
Debit Card PIN re-generation Charges Rs. 25. [Not applicable if request through Instapin at Branch / Customer Care (IVR)]
Debit Card de - hotlisting Rs. 100 per request
Balance Certificate Rs. 50 per certificate for balance in Savings Account and Fixed Deposit Account
Rs.100 per certificate for balance in INR and the equivalent amount in USD in Savings Account and Fixed Deposit Account
Interest Certificate Rs. 50 per certificate for more than one copy for a financial year.
Retrival of old transactional documents / Enquiries related to old records Upto 1 year old Rs 50/- per record; More than 1 year old Rs 100/- per record
Photo attestation Rs. 100 per application/letter
Signature attestation Rs. 50 per application/letter
Address confirmation Rs.50 per request
Inoperative account Nil
Stop Payment charges Particular cheque - Rs.100
Range of cheques - Rs.200
(Free through customer care IVR & Net banking)
Lien marking and unmarking of savings account Rs.50 for marking of lien. Rs.50 for unmarking of lien
Reissue of Internet user id or password (Branch or non IVR Customer Care) Rs.50 per request
Standing Instructions - Setting-up-charge Rs. 150 per standing instruction
Address change request at branches Rs 50 per instance
National Automated Clearing House (NACH) Mandate. One time mandate authorisation charges (physical/online). Rs 100 per mandate
Cash deposit charges - Cash Acceptor/Recycler machines Charges of Rs 50 per transaction, will be levied on cash deposited in the Cash Acceptor/Recycler machines on bank holidays and between 06:00 p.m. and 08:00 a.m. on working days. The charges would be applicable if the cash deposit in the Cash Acceptor/Recycler machines on bank holidays and between 6 pm and 8 am on working days exceeds Rs 10,000 per month either as a single transaction or multiple transactions.
Above charges will not be applicable to Senior Citizens, Basic Savings Bank Account, Jandhan Accounts, Accounts held by incapacitated and visually impaired persons, Student Accounts or any other Accounts identified by ICICI Bank.
Service Charges for Exchange of Soiled/ Imperfect Notes More than 20 pieces- ?2/- per piece on entire tender + GST
Value above ?5,000/- ?2/- per piece or ?5/- per 1000 + GST Whichever is higher on entire tender
For Example: 25 pieces of ?500/- = value ?12,500/- are tendered :

a) Charges ?2/- per piece : ?50/- + GST (25 pieces X ?2.00)

b) Charges @ ?5/- per ?1000/- : ?62.50 + GST (12500 X 5)/ 1000)

c) Amount to be charged will be ?62.50 + GST ( Whichever is higher)”

Penal Charges
ECS / NACH Debit Returns Rs 500 per instance for financial reasons.
Cheque return outward (cheque deposited by customer) Rs 200 per instance for financial reasons
Cheque return inward (cheque issued by customer) Rs 500 per instance for financial reasons.
Rs.50 for non-financial reasons except for signature verification
Decline of transaction at other bank ATMs or point of sale (POS) due to insufficient balance in the account Rs. 25 per transaction
Standing Instructions Rejection Rs 200 per instance for financial reasons
Deliverable returned by courier Any deliverable returned by courier due to consignee or address specific reasons (no such consignee/ consignee shifted and no such address, etc.) – Rs 50 per instance
Deliverables destroyed at Branches Any deliverable not picked up (within the stipulated time) - Rs 50 per instance
Locker rates vary for different branches, hence customers are requested to get in touch with respective branch

Note: Taxes at prevailing rates as per Govt rules shall be applicable over and above the mentioned charges.The charges indicated above are subject to periodic revision.