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Micro Savings

ICICI Bank recognises the need for easy savings facilities for our unbanked customers. This is why we have pioneered the launch of micro-savings products under our ‘Business Correspondent’ (BC) model. We have partnered with NGOs, Societies and Trusts – our business correspondents, to deliver savings services to our low income customers.


Click here to know the list of Business Correspondents associated with us (Updated as on January 31, 2017)


List of Villages Covered by ICICI Bank through CSP branches under Financial Inclusion (Updated as on January 31, 2017)


List of Villages Covered by ICICI Bank under Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (Updated as on January 31, 2017)


The micro-savings product provides you a no frills savings account ‘Apna Savings Account” that offers security and convenience along with interest on your savings. We have designed this product specifically to suit your needs, with features such as frequent deposits, quick access and the facility to handle small variable amounts. Our model brings banking closer to our unbanked customers, with easy access and minimal paperwork.

What is Apna Savings Account through Business Correspondents (BC)?

The account ‘Apna Savings Account” facility through BC Model is provided in two ways:

  1. Card based : A unique card (like debit/credit card) is provided to access your accounts and to make transactions
  2. Mobile based : Your existing mobile phone helps you open an account and make transactions

What are the banking facilities that can be availed through Apna Savings Account?

Through this account, you can conduct the following activities:

  • Cash deposit & withdrawal
  • Money transfer
  • Open a Fixed Deposit (FD)/ Recurring Deposit (RD)
  • Balance enquiry and mini statement

I am not visiting a bank branch. Is my money safe?

ICICI Bank is India’s largest private sector bank and more than 1 crore accounts have been opened through the BC model. Do not worry, your money is safe with us.

How can I open my Apna Savings Account?

To open ICICI Bank Apna Savings Account, please visit your nearest Business Correspondent centre today.


Click here to know the list of Business Correspondents