Rubyx Credit Card Benefits Calculator
Plese input your current credit card spends and calculate the savings you will enjoy with Rubyx Credit Card.
Regular Expenses
Total Monthly Expenditure on Below Categories (Rs)
(Double reward points on select category)
Total Monthly Expense on Fuel (Rs)
Leisure Activities
MOVIES: Avail 2 free tickets each from BookmyShow on first-serve basis
Number of visits / month
Number of tickets / visit
DINING: Minimum 15% discount on select restaurants
Number of visits / month
Average dining bill / visit (Rs)
Terms and conditions apply. ICICI Bank Limited maintains that the Rubyx Calculator (the "Application") is for your convenience only and will assist you in arriving at an estimate of the amounts that can be saved while making payments by using the Rubyx Credit card. The information set out herein is subject to revision, updation without notice and no reliance may be placed on the same. This is not an offer, invitation or solicitation of any kind. The savings calculated through this Application is rounded off to the next higher integer and are based solely on the data entered by you. ICICI Bank is not representing or giving you any assurance that your expectations, objectives, and needs will be met and is not responsible for the content in any manner. The calculation does not take into account any other discounts, schemes or promotional activities introduced by ICICI Bank /third parties from time to time.