Value Added Services for Dependants in India

With ICICI Lombard Travel Insurance feel secure, because your loved ones back home enjoy a bundle of concierge services when you are on the move.

  1. Medical Concierge Services for dependants in India
    • Telephone Medical Information - We will arrange for facilitation of the health information for you over the phone.
    • Medical Service Provider Referral - We will provide the details of the medical service provider such as name, contact number, details of the office hours of the hospital/clinic etc.
    • Appointments with Local Doctors for Treatment - We will facilitate an appointment with the local doctor
    • Home Nursing Care Assistance - We will provide the assistance for home nursing to ensure your loved ones are being taken care when you are away.
    • Monitoring assistance
    • Evacuation / Repatriation Services
  2. Automotive Assistance Services for dependants in India
    • Minor on the spot repair
    • Breakdown Services & Towing
    • Flat tyre service
    • Battery Service / Jumpstart
  3. Lifestyle Services for dependants in India
    • Gift/Flowers Delivery Assistance
    • Dining Referral and Reservation Assistance
    • Business Services
    • Special Events and Performance Assistance
    • Home Movers Assistance
    • Plumbing Assistance
    • Electrical Assistance
    • Pest Control Assistance
    • Home Cleaning Assistance
    • Electrical Gadget Repair Assistance

#Applicable to selective plans

#For the above mentioned services, the liability of the Company would always remain limited to providing with assistance in terms of arranging the above mentioned services. All charges towards such services would be borne by the Insured Person.