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Forex Card Charges & Fees

The below revised charges and limits will be applicable to Forex Prepaid Card with effect from Apr 15, 2017. The charges are subject to change at the Bank’s discretion and as per FEMA guidelines.

All fees and charges mentioned below are exclusive of taxes.

Goods and Services Tax - 18% with effect from Mar 01, 2020.

Transaction fee: Point of Sale (POS) / Online – NIL

Cross currency fee: 3.5% + GST (applicable for all transaction types)

Cross currency transaction: A transaction, when billing currency differs from the currency on the Card.

Wallet to Wallet transfer fee: 2.5% of transfer amount (from the destination wallet)

Cash Advance/Cash@POS transactions fee: 0.5% of transaction amount.

It is a facility through which ICICI Bank Forex Prepaid Cardholders can withdraw cash by swiping their Card at merchant outlets.

Fee for uncapped ATM withdrawals: 1% of withdrawal amount.

Lost card replacement fee: International location – USD 20.00, Indian location – USD 3.00

DCC Transaction:

There may be costs/charges associated with currency conversion levied by a third party on a Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) transaction. DCC is permitted in all acceptance environments where the customer can make a currency choice for their payment, e.g. Point of Sale (POS), online and ATM. Please apprise yourself and ascertain such costs/charges before providing confirmation for a DCC transaction. ICICI Bank declares that it does not derive any direct or indirect benefit (save and except for charges for currency conversion from billing currency to active wallet currency). As a DCC transaction request is initiated by the customer post customer’s confirmation, ICICI Bank disclaims any liability for the refund of any DCC transaction related charges.

Here's how you can make a smart choice and avoid the extra charges:

At the payment counter, the executive will offer you two choices to pay:

  • To pay in local currency
  • To pay in home/billing currency.

To save on your DCC charges, choose ‘To pay in local currency’.

If you choose to withdraw cash from an ATM through your Forex Prepaid Card, you will come across these options:

Case 1:

  • Accept without currency conversion
  • Accept with currency conversion.

To save on DCC charges, choose 'Accept without currency conversion’.

Conversion to home/billing currency

Case 2:

  • Yes
  • No

To save on DCC charges, choose 'No'

While both means serve your purpose, you might want to avoid the long ATM queues on your trip. So, swipe directly at merchant outlets and save on the go.

Sr. No.


Daily limit for ATM cash withdrawal#

ATM cash withdrawal fee*

ATM balance enquiry fee

International SMS alert charges (monthly)


US Dollar

USD 2,000

USD 2.00

USD 0.50

INR 100+ GST


Pound Sterling

GBP 1,000

GBP 1.50

GBP 0.50

INR 100 + GST



EUR 1,500

EUR 1.50

EUR 0.50

INR 100 + GST


Canadian Dollar

CAD 2,000

CAD 2.00

CAD 0.50

INR 100 + GST


Australian Dollar

AUD 2,000

AUD 2.00

AUD 0.50

INR 100 + GST


Singapore Dollar

SGD 2,500

SGD 3.00

SGD 1.00

INR 100 + GST


Arab Emirates Dirham

AED 2,000

AED 7.00

AED 2.00

INR 100 + GST


Swiss Franc

CHF 2,000

CHF 2.50

CHF 0.50

INR 100 + GST


Japanese Yen

JPY 2,00,000

JPY 250

JPY 60

INR 100 + GST


Swedish Krona

SEK 15,000

SEK 15.00

SEK 4.00

INR 100 + GST


South African Rand

ZAR 25,000

ZAR 25.00

ZAR 5.00

INR 100 + GST


Saudi Arabian Riyal

SAR 7,500

SAR 7.50

SAR 2.00

INR 100 + GST


Thai Baht

THB 70,000

THB 65.00

THB 16.00

INR 100 + GST


New Zealand Dollar

NZD 2,500

NZD 2.50

NZD 0.60

INR 100 + GST


Hong Kong Dollar

HKD 15,000

HKD 15.00

HKD 4.00

INR 100 + GST

#The cash withdrawal limit may vary across ATMs present abroad. The transaction limits set by the acquiring bank may be less than the limits set by ICICI Bank.

*Some international banks may charge an additional surcharge for your ATM transactions.

Please read the information on ATM screens for charge details.

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