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Offer Zone Rates & Charges
Rates & Charges
FD, RD & iWish
(390 days - 2 yrs)
9.00% Apply Now
Senior Citizens
(390 days - 2 yrs)
9.50% Apply Now
Home Loan 
(Upto 75 lacs)
10.15*% Apply Now
Personal Loan
(Upto 15 lacs)
13.49*% Apply Now

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Dream Gold Plan - Benefits & Features

Choice of 2 Saving Options

  • Fixed Deposit
    Invest a lump sum to build a sizeable amount to buy Gold

  • Recurring Deposit
    Invest small amounts regularly for a lump sum at the end of the stipulated time period

Ideal Investment Avenue

Gift your dear ones an auspicious token of love or enhance your wealth creation through a diversified investment portfolio.


Earn a Fixed Deposit interest rate across various tenures without any TDS.


Be rest assured that your savings have been channelized into a genuine avenue since ICICI Bank FDs/ RDs have a very high ‘AAA’ rating from Credit Rating Agencies like CARE and ICRA.


Buy 99.99% Pure Gold Coins from ICICI Bank and earn discounts within 3 months of maturity or withdrawal of the Dream Gold Deposit.

Loan against your Deposit

Avail of an instant Loan against your Deposit up to 90% of the deposit amount. Get an option to make a premature withdrawal


Visit your nearest ICICI Bank branch for more details.