Getting Started

Simply log in to your ICICI Bank Account as usual and access the My Money from ICICI Bank section in Exclusive Offerings. Accept the Terms & Conditions and you are ready to begin adding your ICICI Bank Accounts to the My Money from ICICI Bank.

Step 1:

Click here and login using your net banking username and password.


Step 2:

Click on the My Money link.


Step 3:

Accept the Terms and Conditions and Click on ‘Go to My Money’ to start using My Money from ICICI Bank.

Aggregate ICICI Bank Accounts and Non-ICICI Bank Accounts

You can add as many ICICI Bank Accounts as you wish from the list of supported ICICI Bank products. You can also add over 200 + institutions. You will only need to add these accounts once. On your first login, the My Money from ICICI Bank will gather transactions for the last 90 days.


The My Money from ICICI Bank will download data from your accounts on a daily basis, enabling you to view constantly updated data.

Track Transactions

You can now begin to track your transactions. Categorising them first will provide you with a quick and easy view of your finances. Although the My Money from ICICI Bank has comprehensive categories, in some cases you may want to add custom categories for a more personalized view of your expenses.