What is Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is the use of internet or other electronic way to stalk an individual, group or organisation. Cyberstalkers can either be unknown or known people having different purposes. Fraudsters commonly obtain information through social media and other online sources.

Impact of Cyberstalking

  • Your personal and banking information is monitored (Identity theft)
  • Your contact details are obtained and used
  • Your location is tracked by the GPS facility on mobiles and tracker devices
  • Malicious websites, blogs and social networking sites get created with your details
  • Creates a bad reputation about you on social media and other online networks
  • Reputation harm at workplace
  • Receiving direct threats through e-mail/ instant messaging
  • Wrong usage of your image.

Tips to stay safe from Cyberstalking

  • Always keep your vital information minimum online
  • Protect and change your e-mail ID and password regularly for key online accounts
  • Review all your privacy and security settings regularly
  • Avoid participating in public forums online
  • Ensure that your computer and mobile have an updated antivirus software installed and is active
  • Ensure your wireless network hub/ router has its security turned on
  • Do not send or receive private information while using public Wi-Fi
  • Limit the personal and financial information you share online or offline
  • Educate friends, family and colleagues at work about the risks.