ICICI Bank Ascent American Express Credit Card Review

ATM / Debit Card Safety Measures

Tips to remember when you receive the card

  • Always keep your card in a safe place, just as you would take care of cash and cheque books.
  • Sign in the signature panel on your ATM/debit card(s) as soon as you receive it.
  • Never write down your PIN (personal identification number) anywhere. Memorize it.
  • If you receive a replacement card, be sure to destroy your old card by cutting it into four and discard the pieces.

Tips to remember when transacting at the ATM

  • Ensure that no one sees you enter your PIN (personal identification number).
  • Never allow a stranger to assist you while using an ATM.
  • After completing your transaction, secure your card and cash immediately. Always count your cash before leaving the ATM area and not outside it.
  • Do not leave your transaction record at the ATM. Shred it before discarding it.
  • Change your ATM PIN frequently, at least once a month.

Tips to remember when using your Debit Card for shopping

  • Use your card with merchants that you know and can trust. Never allow the shopkeeper to take your card to a different shop/room for swiping it.
  • Make sure that your debit card is returned to you after completing a purchase; and be sure that the card that has been returned is your own.
  • After a purchase, always take your charge slip(s) with you and tear up any carbon copies.
  • Check receipts against your monthly billing statements to verify your card transactions. Report any unauthorized transaction(s) immediately.
  • Check your charge slips against your monthly account statements to verify your card transactions.
  • Once you have reconciled your account statements, tear up all charge slips and discard them.

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