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Vivo Phones Offer - Get Up To Rs 5000 Cashback

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Avail Instant EMI on ICICI Bank Credit Card and Debit Card to avail cashback benefit.

Vivo Phones Offer

Offer Description : 

"Get up to Rs. 5000 Cashback on selected Vivo products. Avail Instant EMI on ICICI Bank Credit Card and Debit Card at participating stores "

Offer details:

  • Offer :
    ModelCashback offer
    X70 Pro+(12+256G), X60 Pro+ (12+256G) Rs.5000
    X70 Pro (12+256G), X70 Pro(8+256G), X70 Pro(8+128G) Rs.4000
    X60 Pro (12+256G) Rs.3500
    X60 (12+256G), X60 (8+128G), V21 5G (8+256G), V21 5G (8+128G),V21e 5G (8+128G) Rs.2500
    Y73 (8+128G), Y72  5G (8+128G) Rs.1000
    Vivo ModelsNo Cost EMILow Cost EMI
    X70 Pro+(12+256G), X70 Pro (12+256G), X70 Pro(8+256G), X70 Pro(8+128G) 3,6,9 & 12 month tenures

    V21 5G(8+256G),V21 5G(8+128G),V21e 5G(8+128G),Y73(8+128G),Y72 5G(8+128G),Y53s(8+128G),Y51A(8+128G),Y51(8+128G),Y33s(8+128G),Y51A(6+128G),
    Y50(8+128G),Y31(6+128G),Y20G(6+128G),Y20T(6+64G),Y21(4+128G),Y19(4+128G),Y30(6+128G),<br>Y21(4+64G),Y20G 2021(4+64G),Y20G(4+64G),Y30(4+128G),Y20(6+64G),Y21(4+64G) Jio,Y20(4+64G),Y15(4+64G)

    3 & 6  month tenures 9 & 12 month tenure

    V21 5G(8+256G), V20 Pro(8+128G),V20,  2021(8+256G),V20(8+256G),V20 2021(8+128G),V20(8+128G),V20 SE(8+128G),V19(8+256G), Y73 (8+128G), Y72 5G (8+128G), Y53s, Y51A, Y51, Y31, Y20G,Y21,  Y33s, Y50

    3 & 6 month tenures 9 & 12 month tenure
    Y20A 2021(3+64G) , Y20A(3+64G) , Y20i(3+64G) , Y12G(3+64G) ,X50 Pro(8+256G), X50(8+256G) , X50(8+128G) , V20 Pro(8+128G) , V20 2021(8+256G) , V20(8+256G) , V20 2021(8+128G) , V20(8+128G) , V20 SE(8+128G) , V19(8+256G) , V19(8+128G) , S1 Pro(8+128G) , S1(4+128G) , Y12s(3+32G) ,Y11(3+32G),Y91i(3+32G),Y91i(2+32G) - 3,6,9 & 12 month tenures
  • Maximum 1 transaction/Card are eligible for cashback during the Offer Period
  • Offer is valid only on ICICI Bank Credit & Debit Card EMI
  • Cashback Offer at participating stores is valid only on Card swiped under “Brand EMI” option at Pinelabs/ Plutus POS terminal
  • Cashback for all EMI transactions will be credited to Cardholder’s Card account within 90 days from the end of transaction month.
  • Cashback will be offered to a Cardholder only when it is mentioned on the charge slip. If the charge slip does not mention cashback, the Cardholder will not be entitled for any cashback

Offer Period : Dec 01st to Dec 31st, 2021

Terms & Conditions of Vivo Phones Offer

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